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Justme100001 t1_ith0vcw wrote

DJ''s don't want guest talking to each other and leave the dance floor empty. If you can't hear anything they say, you might as well go out there dancing...


BackwoodsRoller t1_ithp35h wrote

"60% volume" can be totally different based on the DJs system and the size / shape of the room, the amount of guests, etc.


Em_Adespoton t1_itgsudt wrote

I just created the playlist for my wedding myself, including volume levels. I paid my own fees and just had the MC press play and pause at the appropriate places.


sakzeroone t1_itgvs2y wrote

That Sounds horrible


snarkuzoid t1_itgw2hj wrote



BackwoodsRoller t1_ithotd5 wrote

Because a real DJ reads the crowd and plays the right songs at the right time. A real DJ doesn't just play songs, they make memories. Source - I'm a wedding DJ


snarkuzoid t1_ithykko wrote

Thanks for elaborating. I've not seen that much from most DJ's I've encountered at weddings. Glad to hear there are better ones.


egnards t1_itixgq3 wrote

A good DJ at a wedding is also going to be your go to for pretty much everything.

Our DJ was like a secondary day of coordinator who helped us make sure everything ran smoothly, nobody got control of the mic that wasn’t supposed to talk, and hell, he even grabbed us drinks from the bar when he saw ours were empty but we were inundated with people not letting us get over there.


culhanetyl t1_itilh08 wrote

alright im reading this crowd right now .... yall want some Chicken dance followed by a lil Cupid Shuffle and top it all off with the Electric Slide 1,2 123 GOOOOOOOOO


BackwoodsRoller t1_itio8cn wrote

Chicken Dance is the one song I never played and never will play in my 20 years as a DJ. I just can't disrespect myself like that haha


TheJunklest t1_itil083 wrote

Is that the standard for wedding DJs?


BackwoodsRoller t1_itip9wo wrote

I believe its the standard for experienced DJs that take pride in our craft.


Hygro t1_itii8sz wrote

60%, of course, is just an emotional number that means "a lot less, but still over 50% so make sure it's still a party" that the DJ will understand.


sirSheepDog t1_itjagqd wrote

DJ here. It's less about the volume and more about the separation of space. Usually the dance floor looks out on the dining tables where the speakers are facing the tables. If say the speakers were setup at and angle it allows the dancers to have a good fun volume but also having the volume at the table significantly less. Drunk dancers like volume and table conversionalists want background music. There's almost always a way to accomplish this. Bring it up with your DJ and if they don't think they can accomplish is, honestly find a new DJ. This is the type of thing that separates professionals from self taught playlist makers.


keepthetips t1_itgrhso wrote

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lovepuppy31 t1_itlwayq wrote

DJ's have one Universal setting and its blasting music at a EDM club or underground rave and they don't feel like manually changing it for each venue. You'd either have to bribe the DJ with some extra green and slice of wedding cake or getting a wedding singer ala Adam Sandler


[deleted] t1_itgso5s wrote

Not really how it works. Every DJ stand will each be different volume wise. Also the DJ does set the volume automatically


EpsteinWasHung OP t1_itguhwg wrote

The DJ is able to adjust the master volume.

Nearly all the weddings I've been at have been at a volume that you'd find at a loud club making conversations nearly impossible.


[deleted] t1_itgulcw wrote

Just tell them to turn it lower and keep it like that


Dvayd t1_ith7f55 wrote

What kind of silly reply is this?

Obviously DJs can control the volume output regardless of what extra details you bring up.