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Unikatze t1_iubogtf wrote

I keep getting emails for someone with a similar email to mine. It's super annoying.


parkerposy t1_iubrxrt wrote

I've cancelled a few reservations lmao


Anencephalopod t1_iucr8j1 wrote

Same. Cancelled hotel reservations on the day of check-in so they had to pay anyway. Redirected a FedEx package to an outlet 200 miles away.

And yet she keeps using my email address for all her receipts and loyalty programs. Maybe she'll learn one day.


CrankyOldDude t1_iud3rg6 wrote

Wow - that’s a genuinely awful thing to do. Someone accidentally used your email address for a period of time, and you cancelled their reservation the day of their stay? That’s just needlessly cruel.

You have limitless ways of reaching the people (including knowing the hotel they were staying at) - wouldn’t it have been less devastating to just leave a message at the hotel or something?


AnotherKourtney t1_iud8kie wrote

Please no need for being naive. I am in the same situation. Someone is using the same email address as mine when in reality their email address is 1 letter reducted version of mine. So either she writes the address wrong as "our" full name or others do that mistake I receive all her banking payment slips, professional emails etc.

I sent her an email explaining the situation and she mocked me and still continues to use my email address. NOW I am waiting for my day to come. They certainly don't deserve the considerate acts.


LetMeSayThis t1_iueddx0 wrote

Have you ever had to give your email address over the phone? It may not be their fault, but the person putting in the email address. Especially if their are language differences. You’re just being shitty.


Anencephalopod t1_iuf2bar wrote

It does sound terrible I know, but this wasn't out of the blue. My address is in the format and not a difficult or particularly unusual combination of names, it's not easy to mess up. I snapped after years of getting signed up for things that she has obviously typed into a website herself. At one stage I was getting more mail for her than for me, and this is my main address that I've had for nearly 20 years. I've sent messages to her on various bits of social media begging her to be more careful and the only thing I got back once was a smirk emoji so...


LetMeSayThis t1_iugozcw wrote

I wanted to be mad, and say you were the one in the wrong. But you’ve changed my mind. That person is just being a turd.


snorom t1_iudbaab wrote

Same. Someone with my name will be really pissed off when they find out that I got all 4 reminders to pay the balance on their wedding suits last summer. I often wonder if they got it sorted!


robertintx t1_iue1x8p wrote

I've had a realtor send me a stack of closing docs, unencrypted with financials included. I emailed them to be more careful but no response.


Unikatze t1_iue29ua wrote

Yeah. I get school transcripts and car stuff for someone with the same email as me except it has a period between the names. They're not typing the email in wrong. It's just a weird and terrible Gmail thing.


robertintx t1_iue2l5a wrote

Yeah mine is first dot lastname@gmail. I get tons addressed to firstlastname

Gmail says I own both but somehow several people have variations on mine and I get their mail. Mskrs me wonder how much of my mail I'm missing.