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BLParks12 t1_iubtui3 wrote

Can I ask what the point would be to create a new account if the email is going to end up in the main inbox anyway? I can see creating a new account to give if signing up for something so you don’t get spam emails to your main inbox. But I don’t understand the point of everything ends up in your main inbox anyway.


Sapphire580 t1_iubw3ba wrote

EG. If you sign up for a website that talks about widgets, and you use then you start getting spam to that particular email, you’ll know the widget site sold your info. And any future emails you get after canceling those spam messages you’ll know came from people selling that email


Plan_nine t1_iucrbuq wrote

But what then? So you know who sold it (everyone), but how do you then stop that spam? Can you set a filter on the +widgets address?


Sapphire580 t1_iud23xf wrote

Honestly that I don’t know, what I use it for is I immediately stop using widget site to buy my widgets after I found out about their shady practices


witchyteajunkie t1_iuda85k wrote

Yes - you can set a filter to automatically delete anything to that address or direct it to a specific folder or send it to spam.


BLParks12 t1_iuc36q8 wrote

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for your explanation.


Wjyosn t1_iucjd1m wrote

You can make a rule to auto sort based on incoming address. So, everything sent to name+important@gmail goes to a specific folder, and everything sent to name+spam@gmail gets auto deleted, for instance