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Wjyosn t1_iucj5zz wrote

Generally this is a matter of just bad email validation scripts that don't recognize symbols as being valid in emails. It's rarely a deliberate effort to thwart Gmail users specifically.


payfrit t1_iudzayi wrote

this isn't a gmail feature, most email providers let you do this.


Wjyosn t1_iuebyi7 wrote

If so, that's certainly news for me. Last time I tried, other email systems didn't automatically give users all of the aliases by default.


payfrit t1_iuecn3g wrote

i know one way to find out, send one to yourself to test it!

if it's in-house hosted email, there's a higher chance it won't work. but to the best of my knowledge all the "big-tech" public providers allow it as a feature.

we host our own email and they are enabled by default on our provider's software.