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Elevenst t1_iujt7h7 wrote

LPT's aren't just lying for your convenience. Grow a pair already, and just be honest with people.


Tyrone90000 t1_iuk3ml1 wrote

Or just tell them it’s not a good time. Act like adults.


fh3131 t1_iujpt1g wrote

Who the hell shows up without calling first?


justmitzie t1_iujuhu4 wrote

I don't usually leave the house in pajamas and bunny slippers, so wearing a coat over them may look a little weird. Willing to give it a go though.


GHERU42 t1_iujxpot wrote

The repost bots are usually better at spacing these.


Fun_Amount3063 t1_iuk6hq6 wrote

Useless copypasta.

Stop being a passive aggressive waste of skin and just don't answer your door when you don't want to. You waste more time and energy coming up with insane “solutions” that aren’t actually helping you in any way.


ExperienceDaveness t1_iujw5da wrote

I love how you're imagining that I'm otherwise dressed to go outside for even one single extra minute in my own home. I'm going to look pretty ridiculous in only my gym shorts and a coat.


SaltyCremepuff t1_iujpxb7 wrote

Do you regularly have people who aren’t delivery people randomly ringing your doorbell?


Prometheus188 t1_iuk0f83 wrote

But now I have to leave my house to keep up the lie? When I had no plans to go anywhere? Seems like a stupid ass tip.


vcwalden t1_iuk30s5 wrote

How about just being honest?


vcwalden t1_iuk31vr wrote

How about just being honest? I


Tyrone90000 t1_iuk3qo9 wrote

What year is it and who just comes over to your house unannounced anymore?


keepthetips t1_iujpl4r wrote

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