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crazybutthole t1_ittoyt6 wrote

Sorry. But i have to ask.

Why does this matter to you?

Just delete your linked in account and move on. Who cares?

If you want a new job get indeed. If not just stay at your current job. Its fine.


[deleted] OP t1_ittp50y wrote



J0hnnyTyrant t1_ittq3b5 wrote

So basically you sent shit about minorities and supporting trump and then got in to a compromising position and now you want help? That about it?


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Independent_Tone8605 t1_ittpoio wrote

LOL Susie the Executive Assistant has a lot more sway and power than you realize. Executive Assistants are the gatekeepers.

And the seed has been planted because you were publicly that person, even if you were just pretending to be. Going forward, don’t do it. If these powerful people interact with a lot of others, they probably barely noticed you. If they did, then you’ve made your bed, and there’s not much you can do about it.


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ejpierle t1_ittsagg wrote

>billionaire heirs and the article also said that billionaires basically use the system to set up their heirs with unfair advantages.

But... That's true. There's no shame in saying things that are true. It sounds like you are worried because you said the truth and someone won't like you bc of that.


Han_Sandwich_1907 t1_ittr97v wrote

Most people don't check LinkedIn regularly like they do other social media. It's a place to put your work experience and to find jobs. So no one pays that much attention to what's on the home page anyway.

You can delete your account if you don't plan on using LinkedIn again. I think that's overkill. Just move on and act how you want to portray yourself on LinkedIn (which often becomes not using it at all). No one will be the wiser.


lifeonachain99 t1_ittrwws wrote

Everything you have done you have made the wrong decision

You can't get cancelled, you're not even at a position to be cancelled


jinxes_are_pretend t1_ittv7c0 wrote

> I’m actually pretty non-partisan.

“sob/personal/liberal stories”

“not seem like a bigot”

“obnoxious liberal LinkedIn spammer”

“annoying, liberal LinkedIn lunatic”

Ok, pal.


Bubbagumpredditor t1_ituh59r wrote

Yeah, this smells of being disingenuous. Pretty sure he just likes all of trump stuff and wants to hide that but doesn't want to say that.


keepthetips t1_ittomjo wrote

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Batwoman_2017 t1_ittt5ym wrote

Did you like all those posts just because you feared that one person would judge you for your political beliefs?

It doesn't matter now. Just delete your LinkedIn activity, or hide it from your network.


[deleted] OP t1_ittthmt wrote



Batwoman_2017 t1_itttv6r wrote

Do you have a job? Have you been lying on your resume? Do you have other professional contacts who can vouch for you? If yes, then this one person doesn't matter.


speculatrix t1_ittu8po wrote

For me, LinkedIn is a valuable tool to be discovered by recruiters.

You can turn off a lot of sharing of status changes, and make your profile more private. You should go through the privacy settings very carefully and any disable most or all sharing. You don't want that new connection with a recruiter shouted to the world.

Unless you've got a lot of connections, consider making a list of the ones you want to keep, delete the account and start again with carefully set privacy options.


EffYOUGreggAbbot t1_ittwab4 wrote

Too late, too bad. Never speak where you can be heard.


EffYOUGreggAbbot t1_ittwlqs wrote

My fweel so bad for ywou. My cwying for you. My pway youse aren't a libweral evwery night.