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yukon-flower t1_itvg52c wrote

Those scouring sponges are effectively sanding the stain out. That means you’re sanding the Tupperware, loosening particles up and making them so much more likely to get into your food the next time you use them. Especially with heated food or things that are particularly oily or fatty.

I’d rather have some slight discoloration, personally.


Shirowoh t1_itvi9lo wrote

You have any studies to back this up? I see nothing online about it making Tupperware toxic. I do how ever see recommendations to use it to clean Tupperware


aeolith t1_itvk9ow wrote

They didn’t say toxic, they did say it would release more pieces. They’re right that you’re sanding it down, and I imagine it would create a rougher surface than it was manufactured with, which may lead to more pieces dislodging during use or cleaning.


Various_Succotash_79 t1_itvddsd wrote

Dawn Powerwash works too. It's a mix of dish soap and rubbing alcohol so you can make your own.


Shirowoh t1_itve1ga wrote

This one’s kind of a 2 for 1, since generic magic erasures are way cheaper. You can order 100 of them for like 8 dollars.


hank_burgle t1_itvfore wrote

I'm not wasting my mescaline on cleaning Tupperware.


[deleted] OP t1_itvwjjl wrote



Jankypox t1_itwlerf wrote

Yeah, but ‘eraser’ is boring and doesn’t hit the same way as those clean mid-80s synth pop sounds! ‘Oh, L’amour’ could take the stain out of anything 😂


PrisonerV t1_itvalan wrote

I just embrace the stain.


Shirowoh t1_itvaqst wrote

It works! And melamine sponges are cheap. You can 100 of them for like 8 bucks.


iamasturdlevinson t1_itvphj6 wrote

Here’s what I do: Add a small amount of dish soap (Dawn works best)

Add a small amount of hot water

Add a crumpled up paper towel

Seal the lid and shake

Works 99% of the time for me!

Here’s a short YouTube clip on this too:


ironroad18 t1_itxezok wrote

What about red and brown sauce stains in a friend's underwear?


keepthetips t1_itva2rm wrote

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everyvoteequal t1_itvkpbo wrote

Try putting in sunshine to bleach out the stain


ej_cirst t1_itvrh9b wrote

I use a 1:1 combination of dishwashing liquid and mustard. Works like a charm. Gets rid of greasy food, as well as color from red sauces.


unrealcyberfly t1_itvrv3j wrote

Put some oil in the container and spread it around. You now have a protective layer of oil in the container so it will stain much less.


ClassiFried86 t1_itxkka7 wrote

Don't reheat meals in Tupperware you store them in. No stains.


karma_dumpster t1_itvf6vt wrote

Cover in baking soda, add vinegar and water, then leave in the sun. Gone.


nrfx t1_itvg0wg wrote

You can actually just leave it in the sun minus the water and water.

baking soda and vinegar makes.. water.


karma_dumpster t1_itvk61j wrote

Leave the baking soda on, then the agitation process of vinegar and baking sodahelps tenons the stains. Sun bleaching finishes them off.


Shirowoh t1_itvhu67 wrote

You don’t have leave it anywhere. Melamine sponge works in seconds