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AnthropOctopus t1_ityonq5 wrote

It's important to note that oversharing is a sign of anxiety or trauma, a lot of people who survived childhood trauma tend to overshare due to the feeling of not explaining it well enough or that they won't be believed otherwise. It takes time to learn to not overshare for some people, so don't beat yourself up if you do.


irsin t1_ityoqgc wrote

A very important note, thank you very much for this. ✌️


McRattus t1_itypihb wrote

This is not good advice. If you are competing with them, maybe. But sharing information is the basis of cooperation, withholding useful information is not good for cooperative interactions.


irsin t1_itypuyj wrote

I see your point. But what I mean is, you don't have to share your life's story every time you meet a person.


Rethious t1_ityrab3 wrote

This seems to be bordering on bad advice. It seems like what the state department tells people stationed in unfriendly countries. Most interactions you have with people aren’t adversarial and sharing information is a good way to socialize. Better advice would be to have a couple of go-to anecdotes for when you meet new people.


FourLetterIGN t1_itypu1j wrote

LPT Request: how to get certain people in your life to follow this so they stop talking to you?


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Jthundercleese t1_itys6um wrote

Nice try pal. This is the internet. You don't have a girlfriend.


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Jthundercleese t1_ityscqh wrote

Oh okay. Yeah that makes sense because mine is too. Her parents are french so they wouldn't know your parents either.


tristenjpl t1_itysb4w wrote

Bad advice. Most of the people I talk to don't need to hear anything I say to them. We're usually talking because we like talking to each other and we want each other to hear the things we say even if we don't need to hear them. You still shouldn't over share and tell people things they don't want to hear or things that will get you in trouble. But that doesn't mean you only should say what needs to be said.


Shenili t1_ityrj7e wrote

how do you not undershare tho? like, there's trchnically no "need" to tell other people funny stories you've heard or things that happened to you, but there's a good chance your friends would be happy to hear it and share something too - I get your point but people do bond by being vulnerable at times


ZXXA t1_itytro2 wrote

If you want no friends and your colleagues to hate you sure


irsin t1_ityulzr wrote

It's not about withholding information, but rather being mindful about what you are sharing.


rainmace t1_ityuh00 wrote

This sounds like the analysis of a sociopath.


keepthetips t1_ityo7qo wrote

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drEDD8888 t1_itywy0i wrote

For example: this information wasn’t needed.


notarobot_notagirl t1_ityyiya wrote

Counter lpt let the conversation evolve organically and share as much as is appropriate and you feel comfortable with. Don't be too guarded, you don't want to think back wishing "I should have been more open and made friends who accept me the way I am"