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Hello everybody!

I am sure this is something that has been mentioned before but is a reminder that might help someone..

But if you find yourself realizing that you’ve made a purchase on your credit card and completely forgotten to pay it on time, you may be able to waive that late fee. That is if you caught it within a reasonable amount of days after the due date. Most credit card companies will offer to waive late payments at least once. You may even get lucky and match with a sweet representative that will do it again if it’s not your first time. But if you realize you’ve blanked out and forgotten a payment and it’s only your first offense it may be worth it to reach out via chat or their 1-800 number to see about having that fee waived. It might just save you $10-30 bucks or more depending on your card. It also helps if you’re very polite and appreciative to the rep🙃



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wenzill_a t1_iu515ke wrote

i think the real LPT is set your bills to autopay


MykeHock69 OP t1_iu57cyo wrote

You’re not wrong. I did this at the same time I called because I had a late payment. Double life tip!


Aragona36 t1_iu7d388 wrote

And to pay cash as much as possible for everything else. Don't ride the credit card train.


MykeHock69 OP t1_iubdw4k wrote

Credit is good if you want to purchase a home in the future. Unfortunately in America you either have to resolve to paying everything in cash (which can be hard for large purchases such as a house) or build your credit. The problem is spending outside of your ability to pay. Never be irresponsible with credit cards.


WardStradlater t1_iu50g2u wrote

However, your credit score may still be affected as the company will likely still report it as a late payment.


Neither-Fix4327 t1_iu517iv wrote

Most major credit card companies will not report the late payment unless it is 60 days past due. At least this is what a customer service rep told me last I had that issue.


keepthetips t1_iu4xjm1 wrote

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ABena2t t1_iu50gs3 wrote

are you a credit card rep? lol


MykeHock69 OP t1_iu57a00 wrote

No, but I did just call because I had this exact scenario just happen and the rep told me about it. So I thought I would share in case someone else was in this position