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turbulent_toad t1_iueopj8 wrote

Is this intended for people who have to collect snow to make tea? What does winter have to do with this tip?


The-Go-Kid t1_iuesc9y wrote

It's just an extra level of shitty for what should be a r/shittylifeprotips post.


peripheral_coconuts OP t1_iueso5l wrote

haha. It's flu season! when I have the flu I don't feel like drinking coffee.


No_more_hiding t1_iuet3t6 wrote

I struggled to find cold/ flu meds with NO caffeine in when I recently had Covid. Seems like a load of them do these days, probably to make you a good productive member of society despite being sick. But I just wanted to sleep πŸ˜‚


Smeghead333 t1_iuerap4 wrote

"Ooooh, it's so cold. The last thing I want to do is make a nice warm beverage."


RJ_LV t1_iuet0tj wrote

LPT - Stop drinking coffee, if you get withdrawal from skipping a day.


PrisonerV t1_iuf76xu wrote

Some of the instant coffee's today are amazing. They even make 3 in 1 instant coffee with creamer and sugar.

Caffeine tablets give me an upset stomach.


incasesheisonheretoo t1_iuh9wlf wrote

Yeah they make me jittery. The caffeine delivery is definitely different than drinking coffee or even an energy drink.


PhilDGlass t1_iueqjx6 wrote

Never too tired or too cold to make a hot cup of joe.


keepthetips t1_iuemeyd wrote

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