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[deleted] t1_iua23nz wrote



LekkerWeertjeHe t1_iuaw8qm wrote

On the one hand this sounds right, but on the other hand you have just 4 fingers left


pchlster t1_iuawo9r wrote

Still have the thumb. Just have a big scar on my left thumb.


LekkerWeertjeHe t1_iuawuwl wrote

It was wordplay, with “one hand” “on the other hand” and “right” and “4 left”

But too bad it… left… a scar


mommadragon72 t1_iublldz wrote

Your left hand makes an L with the thumb and forefinger


ddnisha700 t1_iud2y2j wrote

Underrated comment. This is actually a good indicator.


goelrishabh09 t1_iubwekq wrote

Both do


Wjyosn t1_iud2oho wrote

Both can, but one is in a more comfortable and natural position to do so when raised arms length in front of you. The other requires twisting your wrist around 180 degrees.


NVPcMan t1_iuakrp7 wrote

Instructions unclear, I used my penis. A subway sandwich is 6 penises in length! :P


ownersequity t1_iua1xj2 wrote

A dollar bill is exactly six inches. That’s my default. Always impresses people when I pull a bill out to measure.


DivvySUCKS t1_iuacmt7 wrote

I'm super great at math so that means a $20 bill is 10 feet.


bobo4sam t1_iub464b wrote

I hate to be that guy…. But it’s actually 6.14 inches

So if you’re approximating it’s not a big deal, but there are some cases where I imagine it might matter.


Justme100001 t1_iu9yfpl wrote

For longer distances use the distance between your thumb and pink. Move your thumb to your pinkie and repeat this all along the object you would like to measure. You then have only to multiply the number of times you moved your hand with the distance you already measured between the thumb and pinkie...

Edit: I always that it was pink instead of pinkie/pinky ..


jereman75 t1_iuaxb9s wrote

It weirds me out that you said “pink” not pinky twice.


Hole-In-Six t1_iubsxpv wrote

I always sip my tea with my pink sticking out proudly.


julie78787 t1_iub6yk4 wrote

"Pinky" is for smaller 5th digits. Apparently that poster has an extremely long 5th digit.


playinpossum1 t1_iubehxb wrote

when my fingers are spread out it is 8 inches from thumb tip to pinky tip. I have used that for all sorts of things, incredibly useful.


julie78787 t1_iub7mym wrote

You can also use other physical measurements.

For me, when I make an "L" shape with my thumb and index finger, the distance from the tip of my index finger to about halfway through my thumb is 6". When I do electrical wiring, I shove one hand in the junction box, touch that finger tip where the wires enter, then cut the wire at the far side of my thumb. When I strip the wire I've got 6" of wire in the box, which makes electrical inspectors very happy.


BloodiedBlues t1_iubn6ef wrote

They say a guys thing is as long as the distance between your thumb and index tip. I’d say it’s about 90% accurate.


love2go t1_iua0mi7 wrote

Also measure length of your foot in shoe. Mine is right at 12 inches so comes in handy walking off unknown lengths.


Woodbutcher31 t1_iua0553 wrote

Average palm is 4” across that’s how-why back in the day horses were measured in hands..


Steve_Jobs_iGhost t1_iuba97x wrote

Nice to see this topic take off as I was thinking about it a week ago

My contribution is to find the scaled relationship between body parts and to remember those in place of or in tandem with their corresponding length, with one being the 'base' of sorts.

Definitely won't be everyone's thing, but I find it reinforces my confidence in my measurements when I can think about either length as absolutes, or in terms of relationships.

I found that this can also be helpful when accuracy is more important.

When I want to use my elbow to fingers, the lifting, moving, placing my arm consecutively until I get my measurements leaves me with uncertainty. If I instead do the length from my thumb to fingertip, I can very easily and quite swiftly keep contact with a surface at all times by moving the further back finger or thumb to meet the leading, freeing the leading finger or thumb to advance forward.


LairdofWingHaven t1_iuc6otq wrote

Measure tip of fingers to elbow. Measure width of hand. Length of foot. Length of stride. Height of hip bone. You're a walking measurement system!


nbouckley t1_iua9iji wrote

Almost interestingly this is where the phrase ‘rule of thumb’ comes from


IRSeth t1_iuakrn3 wrote

Not according to that lesbian chick in the movie


Junkmenotk t1_iubvu3v wrote

They teach this in med school


Samilynnki t1_iuby53k wrote

To piggyback off this: as an RN, I use this trick almost daily (during wound cares and such) and a darling older attending MD taught me way back in nursing school during a clinical rotation. He was so helpful to us!


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LAGreggM t1_iubhsol wrote

The straight portion of the little finger (pinky) between the two knuckles is close to one inch on most people


CapFox19 t1_iubj4ux wrote

Amazing thank you!!


vietnams666 t1_iubvl7p wrote

I'm a hairstylist and I use that for 1-3inches. My knuckle space is 1 inch.


theserial t1_iubw4ap wrote

The base of my palm to the tip of my middle finger is 8 1/2 inches. Used this for rough measurements for years.


Number9Man t1_iuc2g72 wrote

I did this with the bottom of my palm and the tip of my thumb. Now I have a perfect 3" measuring stick haha.


Raida7s t1_iucb0an wrote

LPT measure the width of your hands spread, thumb to pinkie tips.

Still a primative ruler, but a lot more useful IE if it's approx 20cm, you can gauge the size of your desk


SwordTaster t1_iuckbik wrote

I've gone with the span between my thumb and index finger. Mainly because my friend told me that's a pretty good rough estimate for penis size. A man's penis should be the same size as the span between his thumb and index finger. I'm a woman but apparently my hypothetical dick would be 6 inches long.


LewisLightning t1_iuctj2v wrote

What if you lose your finger? Then you are screwed


simonf75 t1_iudc1yg wrote

LPT get a ruler tattooed on your finger and you'll have accurate measurements for life


GlendaleActual t1_iudpltu wrote

I tattooed a crow’s foot on my forearm 16” from my first knuckle.


payfrit t1_iue2v78 wrote


usa paper currency is almost exactly six inches wide

6.14 inches to be exact