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twohedwlf t1_iyeblns wrote

That would depend on your sick leave balance employer's policies, your employment contract and your country's employment laws.


Silver_Confection_57 t1_iyeay53 wrote

Not all companies adopt the “Use it or lose it “ rule.


Prometheus188 t1_iyeyiky wrote

Most do in North America at least.


bobstro t1_iyf6li2 wrote

I'd have to see what data you're basing this on, but it's also very different between industries. A part time worker in retail will have a very different experience than someone working in an office. A LPT should certainly take this into account, as burning PTO that is also your vacation time is just dumb.


bobstro t1_iyeh2sr wrote

Sick pay is not always "use it or lose it", and PTO (personal time off) is often combined sick and vacation time. It's a good idea to bank up a month or so if you can do so. If nothing else, it's a nice pay out when you leave. Don't just burn it off frivolously.


BJWTech t1_iyeo9ax wrote

Most companies nowadays do not rollover sick time or vacation time. Sick just goes byebye. Vacation gets paid out EOY, and your manager often gets in trouble as it's not in the budget to pay them out.


DKlep25 t1_iyelmgb wrote

My company's sick days rollover . . .


bobstro t1_iyf6ts4 wrote

It varies by industry and job type. This is a dumb LPT.


keepthetips t1_iye9bq4 wrote

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snowflakesrot t1_iyeadtz wrote

I still have 3 days left. Already have my 3 day weekends planned out. Lol.


Jimmirehman t1_iyeyir0 wrote

It’s based on your employers fiscal year, not calendar year.

In my case, May 31st is the last day of the fiscal year.


[deleted] t1_iyf32mm wrote



Jimmirehman t1_iyf35b0 wrote

No. It’s by fiscal year.


MyNameIsSkittles t1_iyf38sp wrote

So you've worked for every company?


Jimmirehman t1_iyf436w wrote

Have you?


MyNameIsSkittles t1_iyf5qry wrote

No but I know sick days aren't the same everywhere

How can it be by fiscal year of company when some countries mandate sick days and when they roll over?


Jimmirehman t1_iyf5uws wrote

Ok fine. I was speaking about U.S. companies. But let’s just both agree to disagree.


bobstro t1_iyf70m3 wrote

Every US company I've worked for has accrued PTO by calendar year


Jimmirehman t1_iyf7txh wrote

When did their fiscal year end?


bobstro t1_iyfdo05 wrote

All mid calendar year IIRC. That said, I should correct my statement. PTO accrual was not tied to the fiscal year. You accumulate a set amount each pay period. There are 10 or so fixed holidays each year, but other time off accrues and can be used for personal or sick time. You're allowed to run a negative balance if sick.


OK_LK t1_iyeixb9 wrote

Laughs in the UK


amabamab t1_iyectbu wrote

Thats why you dont deserve more from your company than you get....