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MyNameIsSkittles t1_iyf5qry wrote

No but I know sick days aren't the same everywhere

How can it be by fiscal year of company when some countries mandate sick days and when they roll over?


Jimmirehman t1_iyf5uws wrote

Ok fine. I was speaking about U.S. companies. But let’s just both agree to disagree.


bobstro t1_iyf70m3 wrote

Every US company I've worked for has accrued PTO by calendar year


Jimmirehman t1_iyf7txh wrote

When did their fiscal year end?


bobstro t1_iyfdo05 wrote

All mid calendar year IIRC. That said, I should correct my statement. PTO accrual was not tied to the fiscal year. You accumulate a set amount each pay period. There are 10 or so fixed holidays each year, but other time off accrues and can be used for personal or sick time. You're allowed to run a negative balance if sick.