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pierrekrahn t1_iyekj2v wrote

As someone who lives somewhere where it occasionally gets to -40 in the dead of winter, this would just be more inconvenient. I've lived here my entire life and I have never heard of anyone using anything like those.

Snow removal is not an issue. Sometimes you do have to scrap ice but if you had a cover you'd be have a cover stuck to your car and still have to scrape ice. Then you'd have to store the covers somewhere. Not everyone has a garage to store the covers in. And if they did have a garage, the covers would be pointless.

Just scrape the ice for a few minutes as your car warms up. We have just learned to cope with it.


rededelk t1_iyf87co wrote

Yep I start my truck, it warms up quick but I'll go inside and let my heater and defroster do the ice melt for 10 minutes, then I push the snow and ice off with a push broom. (gonna get practice in the morning, about 14" fresh pow last 12 hours more coming .then I gotta shovel all snow off into the road