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BrotherGreed t1_iy0swrz wrote

>K-Mart (Australian equivalent of Walmart)

Fun fact, K Mart also started in the US (assuming it's the same K Mart and not a store with the same name.)

They used to be as plentiful as Wal Marts where I grew up, but in the early 2000s they died out, now there's only a handful left in the world.


julbull73 t1_iy2ecea wrote

Ironically they bought Sears which was doing really well thanks to craftsmen and their appliances.

Then used it to hide debt and sold off the craftsman label.

Only to bury Sears and Kmart at the same time.

Sears was the best department store you bastards!!!!


FortWendy69 t1_iy2978g wrote

Yeah I never could figure out if the two companies were officially related.