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Ojntoast t1_ixkr1dj wrote

LPT:. Don't invite vegetarians and vegans to a dinner that you want to enjoy


Ajax098 t1_ixkt72o wrote

Plenty of sides are already vegetarian.

But in all honesty the LPT here should be if someone is going to a group dinner with self imposed dietary restrictions they should plan this out for themselves ahead of time.


xQx1 t1_ixkt3ep wrote

Good luck to them.

They can just pick the food that they like and leave the food they don't like; the same as everyone else.


unlistedname t1_ixksryw wrote

Why would I make a dish in case someone wants this? Why wouldn't this come up in the phone call a week or so ahead of time where I find out how many people are coming and if they have any requests?


lastdarknight t1_ixktoaf wrote

more if you have a major dietary restriction, bring a side dish you can eat


keepthetips t1_ixkppon wrote

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StartledPelican t1_ixktowd wrote

The real lpt: Before a large gathering involving food, check with each guest if there are any special dietary needs and build a menu accordingly.


xQx1 t1_ixoeoce wrote

If you have all the time & money in the world and don't mind being left with the cheese-free pizza and gluten-free tofu pasta after every meal you provide; sure, yours is the politest way.

I'm in the "Ask people specifically about allergies that cause anaphylaxis, then try to provide a reasonable range of dietary options" school of thought.


StartledPelican t1_ixog2mz wrote

I find merit in both of our options. Personally, and I know this is a "me" thing and not a hard and fast rule, if I am inviting people over and hosting, then I want to provide for them. There are limits, whether they are financial or social, that each person is able to handle, so I do not begrudge others if they have a different standard than me.


xQx1 t1_ixonux6 wrote

> if I am inviting people over and hosting, then I want to provide for them

I couldn't agree more. If you know full well you've got a vegetarian/vegan in a small group and you're inviting them over as guests; it's pretty rude to serve steak. But if you're serving the same group five-nights running, four of them are going to want meat options.

I was speaking more for work functions, kids birthdays etc... where you don't want to have a bowl of peanuts in the room if someone carries an EpiPen; but nor do you want to pander to everyone's "sensitivities" and lifestyle choices.