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FandomMenace t1_iydyc8d wrote

Refusing to participate is the best answer here. They hate nothing more than being ignored.


cyberentomology t1_iyef49g wrote

Drives them utterly crazy when you ain’t picking up what they put down.


CedarWolf t1_iyej84m wrote

Ah, slight problem: a lot of minorities, like LGBT people or POCs, don't exactly have the luxury of just ignoring hateful people... Because sometimes the things those hateful people say inspires other hateful people to walk into our spaces and kill a bunch of our people.


Fickle_Broccoli t1_iyems24 wrote

What is a good response to that sort of speech?

I keep thinking of this joke my FIL made that was insensitive to LGBTQ+ community, and I had no idea how to respond. I just stood there, dumbfounded. I don't think he actually has any distaste for the community, I just think he gets spun up my the "woke community." I have no idea what I should've said in that situation.

I know ignoring it allows that speech to fester, but sometimes addressing it will prompt people to dismiss you as "soft" or "woke." I want to contribute to a better world but I have no idea how in that respect


CedarWolf t1_iyenygg wrote

Eh, I'd usually just be like 'That's really not cool.' and then I would appeal to their values, or something they believe in, like 'I know you're better than that, come on.' or 'Your mother would be so disappointed to hear you saying that sort of stuff in front of your granddaughter. Heck, I'm disappointed - I'm expecting you to set a good example.'

Generally speaking, when you want someone to improve their behavior, an appeal to their morals is usually the way to go. It's like saying 'You're not living up to your standards right now, are you?'


FandomMenace t1_iyekdmg wrote

By letting haters trigger them, they are granting these haters power of them and everyone else. Views translate to ability to sell ads, which is what keeps them afloat. Ignoring them makes them irrelevant, which is their nightmare.


LineRex t1_iyej0vl wrote

They won't notice you not engaging. There's a reason deplatforming works.


FandomMenace t1_iyekk4r wrote

They will notice less revenue. At some point it becomes more work than it's worth. What if I told you the solution wasn't binary, that you could deplatform them in increments by ignoring them?


thelastmarblerye t1_iye1s0p wrote

🎵 just don’t look, just don’t look 🎵


UltraMegaFauna t1_iyedxeq wrote

Toooooooo stop those monsters 1 2 3...


Panzis t1_iyelz5b wrote

I want a colossal donut.... I'm gonna get a colossal donut.


Swarzsinne t1_iydyvyk wrote

This is a win win: that person doesn’t achieve fame/infamy and you don’t feed into the outrage machine the news has turned into. This is also a pretty politically neutral piece of advice. Good job OP.


Singer-Such t1_iye5l1c wrote

That doesn't work if other people listen to them, and then those people decide that I am a groomer who needs to die


cyberentomology t1_iyef8wt wrote

Hey, my kid makes a decent income as a groomer. Plus she gets to make the dogs cute.


Dusteronly t1_iyebmrx wrote

If only everyone would


[deleted] t1_iyehww4 wrote

It is my favorite thing to see on any post these days.

"OMG I hate this so much this account is trash"

...but you still follow, and still comment on you're doing everything they want to stay relevant and make money.


drsyesta t1_iyelwdu wrote

Yeah really, posting "gotcha!" replies to stupid tweets made by people who get too much attention is.. still just giving them attention


chicu111 t1_iyefocw wrote

Lol an impossible pro tip. This requires some form of discipline and self control, which the vast amount of ppl do not have.

You’re right though


sneezingbees t1_iyejkt6 wrote

Yes yes yes! A very misogynistic guy recently became popular online and a lot of people were using the hashtag of his name, typing his name out, and posting videos of him as they criticised him.

If someone like this guy is spreading misinformation on a topic that you’re an EXPERT in, then sure, call it out. Everyone else should hush up and ignore that this person exists. Every time his name is typed out, or a video of his is shared, his platform gets bigger and hundreds and thousands of people who otherwise wouldn’t know of him, are now ingesting his beliefs.

I get just as riled up about blatant sexism/racism/etc as much as the next person but my opinion doesn’t need to be publicly shared. Sure, I can use any platform I may have to publicly spread awareness but there’s a big difference between spreading awareness (helpful) and capitalising on a sensationalised public figure and (unhelpful).


4ninawells OP t1_iyelci6 wrote

Well said. Make it about the issue and not the talkpiece.


subnautus t1_iye9gjk wrote

Normally I'd agree, but if the person in question is the sort who has enough money to change the dynamics of an entire market by throwing a tantrum, unfortunately someone needs to keep tabs on them.


SuccessfulPieCrust t1_iyef6wt wrote

Someone probably is

You're not the CIA or a watchdog charity (I hope), let them do it


ChocoboRaider t1_iyemiw9 wrote

Bold of you to assume the CIA or a watchdog charity could/would keep an eye on all the dangerous folks out there.


TroglodytesAnonymous t1_iyedi2h wrote

For real. For all the bitching people do about Shapiro they sure do love keeping him on the front page god damn.


SportsKin9 t1_iyejara wrote

Seriously. Just let the guy govern Pennsylvania and leave us alone. Tired of having this guy trending in my feed.


Alex_Duos t1_iyehe9y wrote

I finally got my wife to stop updating me on Kim Kardashian only to turn around and essentially narrate current events on Twitter to her. I have become what I wished to destroy.


gsasquatch t1_iyefqa6 wrote

There's one guy, we'll call him Voldemort, that is so much fun to talk about, it even feels important to talk about him, but I fear saying his name, lest his popularity rises, even in negativity. What to do?

Even this post. You know of whom I speak, without having said his name. But, I've been talking about him.


danfinger51 t1_iyedpjn wrote

Topping my list of shit I don't click on:

  • Royalty
  • Kardashian
  • Anything related to the Dutch

BowzersMom t1_iye4ajc wrote

It feels SO GOOD to not care and not let yourself be drawn in


plaxer_x t1_iyehm86 wrote

That’s all the news


One_Information3875 t1_iyelu63 wrote

I largely ignore ‘famous’ people because I simply do not care. (Except Keanu Reeves because he’s awesome) but I occasionally come across these ‘people’ in my line of work. I love the look of horror on the faces of their handlers when I ask ‘who?’ To their attempts at big noting.


fblthp t1_iyemwun wrote

Do you really think the fascists are just going to go away because youre not actively thinking about them?


thorpie88 t1_iydzpop wrote

How do I stop Basil Zempilas when he became my cities Major?


HippySol t1_iye8ucy wrote

In theory it sounds like a good idea. But the problem is that ignoring a social issue doesnt make it go away and if there is no push back, the people pushing a certain agenda will believe, and others will believe, that everyone accepts their view and therefore it must be 'right'.

eg. I had NO idea that Elon Musk had conservative values until all the hullabaloo started about some companies leaving twitter. Why should they? Because they dont like the guy who owns it having conservative values? Interesting, but I thought we lived in a society that valued free speech, even if you dont agree with it.


[deleted] t1_iyeaw1j wrote



Quartia t1_iyel5qt wrote

>I'd say you've had your head in the sand, then, but not paying attention to some asshole just because he's rich is something I can get behind.

Not really. He kept it hidden for a while. For a long time he was this cool "inventor/visionary" persona liked by everyone across the political spectrum. Then over the last 3 years the truth came out.


they_be_cray_z t1_iyee5jl wrote

>Also, the guy in question is openly courting with racists and fascists.

The only difference between then and now is that racists and totalitarians on the left and the right will now be allowed, instead of exclusively those on the left. You're allowed to have opinions, even horrible opinions, so long as you don't threaten people. Also, people wrongly accused of racism will likely no longer be punished (which was of course selectively enforced).


SuccessfulPieCrust t1_iyeg5m3 wrote

Fingers crossed

Twitter was a weird platform for it's content enforcement

ISIS? Not fine but we'll take months to react to them.

Trump? Ban.

People using alt-right emojis? Ban.

Someone being racist to white people? All good.

Verification was even stranger for me, random safe political commentators could get verified but I couldn't get my gaming studio done with proof of address, bills, a game on steam, registered trademark, business bank with a trading name and more if they asked. Absolutely infuriating


[deleted] t1_iyebx4l wrote



[deleted] t1_iyeg1rt wrote



Chr0nos1 t1_iyep1pk wrote

From the article YOU linked to: “We’ve put a stop to the spike in hateful conduct, but that the level of hateful activity on the service is now about 95% lower than it was before the acquisition,” Roth said in remarks broadcast live on Twitter. “Changes that we’ve made and the proactive enforcement that we carried out are making Twitter safer relative to where it was before.”


kawhi_2020 t1_iyeey21 wrote

Have you ever tried not getting mad about things you've invented in your head before?

Advertisers are not pulling back because of Apple or Google because Apple and Google do not control who advertises on Twitter.


HippySol t1_iyeg042 wrote

Apple is threatening to pull the Twitter app from their app store because they disagree with Musk.


Fun_in_Space t1_iyeocav wrote

He bans people who tell jokes about him. He fires employees who try to tell him he's wrong. He doesn't believe in free speech.


cobalt1981 t1_iyehcf4 wrote

But then who will tell everyone how they're supposed to feel about specific issues?


FinancialTea4 t1_iyek1w2 wrote

That's like saying that you can ignore a tumor and it'll just go away.


4ninawells OP t1_iyekk9a wrote

There is some truth to this. But we have a weapon we don't use which is to stop feeding into it constantly. Every mention and click feeds their little empires.


Punkinprincess t1_iyemhti wrote

I loved when Biden was talking about people that criticized student loan forgiveness but got PPP loans forgiven and he said, "including what's her name, the one that believes.... Well anyways."

I don't know if he actually forgot her name or was just using this LPT but I love it either way.


drainisbamaged t1_iyemvrk wrote

And don't consume the product of the news networks who use those folks.

Blame the dealer just as much as the bad drugs they've peddled to you


dissembledstar t1_iyeojhp wrote

Would help if "journalists" didn't copy paste screenshots and quotes from said people and pass it off as news


SourceNagger t1_iyeooot wrote

i like to say:

Don't hate the supply, hate the demand.


keepthetips t1_iydx571 wrote

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tc2007 t1_iye3sil wrote

I don't think it matters given that there are so many news outlets these days. I have blocked a few of them in my news app but new ones keep popping up with new cringy stories.


LightningsHeart t1_iye4gj2 wrote

This is what I told people about politicians they don't like. You give them free publicity by complaining about them so much.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_iye8468 wrote

The worst punishment for them would be for everyone to u defat and that they are ordinary.


PhelesDragon t1_iye8kjs wrote

I've been convinced humanity will never move forward until we learn this.


stratique t1_iye9jt3 wrote

«Stop making stupid people famous»


Thebluefairie t1_iyec2se wrote

I left insane parlor for just this reason. I figured they're news stories don't need my clicks


ThatOneNinja t1_iyeccfw wrote

That one couple that does the god awful things with food that is basically just telling us for 30 min what is going to happen when they finally do the stupid thing.... Yeah really wish people wouldn't share that garbage at all.


blue_13 t1_iyedobn wrote

But how am I supposed to know what restaurant James Corden got banned from? /s


fatwoul t1_iyee7gb wrote

The list is long and distinguished.


AncientAsstronaut t1_iyefkig wrote

I want to install a pi-hole just to block out some of these people.


lionsfan2016 t1_iyefljz wrote

Teaches algorithms you don’t like them and they show u other shit for your clicks


Argie_The_Skitarii t1_iyeflqw wrote

I'm trying. The issue in having is other people won't stop talking about them.


Hexenhut t1_iyegkpg wrote

Bad publicity is still publicity, y'all helping them make $$.


Devojones t1_iyehkfl wrote

This should be stickied all over the internet.


eddymarkwards t1_iyei3hf wrote

Block people you don’t want to hear from. Don’t just swipe past them, block them and get them out of your feed.


[deleted] t1_iyei8x8 wrote

Good ole celebretarianism


Jefe710 t1_iyej9zr wrote

Some people don't have the option of ignoring the news. Be able to ignore the news is a mark of privilege.


4ninawells OP t1_iyeju0r wrote

You can be aware without feeding the frenzy.


RedeemedJoshua t1_iyek64i wrote

Sometimes it can be difficult to refrain from mentioning that stuff... And I do seriously try to be unplugged from the mainstream news. Sometimes wanting to bring it up is almost like an itch or something. Don't know how else to liken it


4ninawells OP t1_iyel67y wrote

Ooh so true. It's hard not to talk about the ridiculous. But less clicks and mentions should help I think? Idk I am just frustrated like everyone else!


RedeemedJoshua t1_iyeldl1 wrote

I do agree with you. I guess I just wanted to say that because I wondered if it ever gets easier


ViroCostsRica t1_iyekrzb wrote

I hope people will think that about Musk instead of retweeting and reposting his crap non-stop


2parthuman t1_iyemc2g wrote

Negative clicks and views are still clicks and views. Vote by choosing what you give your attention or money to. That's how the free market works. Complaining to pandering corporate entities or the government isnt going to solve it either. Just let popular opinion decide what lives and what dies. And ensure free speech always gas a platform. That is how the best ideas flourish and the worst idea fade away out of favor. That is really democracy at its core... the money will always follow what is favorable, or what is distorted to look favorable.


RedditTrashTho t1_iyemfwn wrote

If engaging in politics in a certain way or on a certain platform gets you upset consistently, stop doing it. You're not "owning the libs" or "beating the fasch", youre becoming a mad person on the Internet and that gets nothing done


TronMuir t1_iyemtbw wrote



Fugly_Sloth t1_iyen4e4 wrote

Rubberneckers and ambulance chasers will always exist. Also, people who toot their own horn, keep tooting you lame fucks. Gosh bless.


BizzyM t1_iyen9tf wrote

I already to that, but the Gov of my state keeps making headlines!!


UncleNorman t1_iyenzbc wrote

This how I feel about serial killers.


Teacherofmice t1_iyeo671 wrote

Most people do already. That's why CNN+ lasted 3 minutes and why all mainstream media is crashing and burning.


FlatAd768 t1_iyeo8l3 wrote

This is Jim Cramer


TheOxygenius t1_iyeoc7l wrote

Unless it's political. Be informed people, and make informed decisions.


suddenly_ponies t1_iyeoksy wrote

Right. Because all of the times I didn't listen to Joe Rogan slowed that down. This is a s*** lpt


lolzsupbrah t1_iyeirho wrote

But how am I gonna know if we hate or love Elon based on the posts on /r/AdviceAnimals


thevelourf0gg t1_iyelui7 wrote

Eg. Elon Musk. He pays a lot of money to ensure were always talking about him. Unfortunately doing this presently.


Silver_Narwhal_1130 t1_iye6sja wrote

You’re making too much sense for people who do this.


jnemesh t1_iydz85c wrote

No, the worst punishment (and most appropriate) would for them to become Bubba's new prison b***h.