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lost40s t1_ixmv1oc wrote

Wear an apron too. It will soak up any splashes


yurtfarmer t1_ixmxqh1 wrote

Maybe nude is better? Then your clothes don’t get wet


Joe_Primrose t1_ixmy1hd wrote

I have a rug in front of my sink. Comfy on my bare feet, soaks up small splashes.


walk2daocean OP t1_ixn0azo wrote

Me too but I’m an extraordinary unfocused and untidy dish washer and find water drips feet away constantly.

Edit : changed bad for unfocused


WardStradlater t1_ixndk7o wrote

This is more like a life-poor tip. You don’t have a rug in front of your kitchen sink?


keepthetips t1_ixmulit wrote

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super-me-5000 t1_ixmw47w wrote

I have a "floor dish towel" That I use my foot with to mop up drips, it's easier for me than dealing with wet socks