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DroolingSlothCarpet t1_iy8r6cb wrote

I'm confused as to why one would go to a therapist they didn't trust.


jabby88 t1_iy8sylh wrote

It takes time to build trust. You're not going to trust them on day 1


GaraBlacktail OP t1_iy8v3ab wrote

It took about 8 months to realize they were shit, I'm not saying to ditch them day one.

Hell, one of the things they did was to bring up sensitive subjects I've told them not to talk about in a voice chat whilst I was at home not alone, as well as generally not listening to me.

I spent about a month trust that therapist enough to do something.

New one was about a week or two.


GaraBlacktail OP t1_iy8rgcj wrote

It's less you went to a therapist with prior knowledge they're shit.

You learn they're shit after seeing them for a bit.

Prior one pushed away me having ADHD, and wasn't actually helping me at all in the end.


Prometheus188 t1_iyaa2pk wrote

It’s impossible to know if you’d trust them until after you’ve actually seen them.