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Skittles_the_Unicorn t1_ixwlo5m wrote

How is art from an unkown or obscure artist priced in the first place anyway? Does the artist just count the cost of materials and then figure a dollar per hour amount for creation or does he/she just say "oh what the heck, mark at $1,000 and let's see if anyone bites?"


latchkey_adult OP t1_ixwm0t7 wrote

It's certainly closely associated with the clientele. My parents love going to artwalk type events in a wealthy area of Palm Springs, CA. Some local granny doing paintings and charging $3000 doesn't even raise an eyebrow. That same painting wouldn't even sell for $50 at Goodwill in a major city.


ricardo9505 t1_ixwnna8 wrote

Yeah my friend was an artist in the NY/NJ area. Been to a few shows. The shiit ppl sell for ridiculous prices is not only astonishing but insulting in some cases. Lol


majesticalexis t1_ixypya2 wrote

When I first started selling my paintings on Etsy I kinda did that and also looked at what comparable artists were doing. When things started selling I raised my prices.


GrittyPrettySitty t1_ixy8tvi wrote

Yes for all of that. Also some charge per square inch. How to price your art is a tough question.