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Sceneofthecrash t1_ix92dg4 wrote

Be very careful doing this. The number of burns seen in the emergency room from hot water used in this manner is awful. Anyone with any decreased sensitivity is particularly susceptible to these thermal burns.

Dress warmer, use a space heater, use an electric lap blanket or full size even but be very wary of burns from hot water bottles. It's not just the temperature, it's also duration.


fuccitsjae t1_ix9t9kq wrote

An alternative I love is a rice sock. Fill a (clean) tube sock/crew sock with dry rice grains, tie a knot at the top, and microwave on a plate for 45 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on size of rice sock and power of microwave. Stays warm forever and can be used like a neck pillow if you wanted.

Disclaimer: do not eat the rice from the rice sock


nullenatr t1_ix9ww0j wrote

Don't eat sock rice, alright - noted.


the_buckman_bandit t1_ixabgrk wrote

Instructions unclear, have started a rice sock vegan food cart, serving delicious rice sock burritos


black_brook t1_ixbjgmb wrote

I was only half listening. Tell me your recipe for making rice stock again?


Mike2220 t1_ixbqt6h wrote

rice sock is fine, sock rice is not


AlextheLyonnn t1_ixa50pc wrote

I thought I was alone! It comes in handy from cramps to breaks.


misticspear t1_ixd5bf5 wrote

I legit thought I was the only one out here microwaving socks


irishdancer2 t1_ixd889c wrote

We affectionately call this a “rice thing” in our house. Can confirm it keeps me warm and toasty.


fuccitsjae t1_ixd8tc0 wrote

I call it my "hot sock". Whenever I go to heat it up, I sing my very dumb little hot sock jingle to myself; "hot sock, hot sock; sock that is hot". It brings me joy


irishdancer2 t1_ixd91jo wrote

It’s the simple joys that keep us going sometime.

The one I have now is one my mom made. It’s better somehow than one I made myself.


LightConquersDark_ OP t1_ix96kdd wrote

Of course being careful is very important. Be sure to buy a respectable brand and screw the cap on correctly. Be over zealous with it pls.


aghzombies t1_ixd3vlj wrote

And don't fill it to the top! Fill it to a bit below, then squeeze gently so the water reaches the bottom of the screw thread before screwing in the cap.


Mike2220 t1_ixbqrfc wrote

Me who's had a mark on their stomach for 4 years because their laptop got a little too warm one day without noticing for a bit


safiyaleo t1_ixcsun6 wrote

it's not only acute burn situation, but practicing this too often can lead to brown skin discolorations, again like comment OP said, the duration is the problem.


Scheerhorn462 t1_ixag2nv wrote

A cat on the lap works equally well.


EmmaRB t1_ixaru7p wrote

I have 3 cats on lap rotation. Can recommend.


Woodledude t1_ixkws6x wrote

This also helps warm the cat, which is nice for them too :3


Robin_the_sidekick t1_ix9cbs3 wrote

Heat is generated in the torso. While working in a cold Operating Room, the nurses taught me to wrap a warmed-up blanket around my torso. The heat is spread to the rest of the body through pumping blood. Works like a charm


DigitalSteven1 t1_ix9pp9u wrote

I feel the opposite. If my feet are cold, my whole body is cold. I could go out and get my car started with shorts and a t shirt if I was wearing warm socks and not feel the effects of the cold for a good while. However, the moment my feet are cold my entire body feels like it's freezing.


NecessaryPen7 t1_ixa36dt wrote

Hands, feet, head for me.

The core is the last place heat leaves.


MLGcobble t1_ixaloxr wrote

I agree. If everyone went around naked then the core would probably be the main place heat leaves. But, since the torso is really easy to have insulated at all times the extremities usually feel more cold.


becausefrog t1_ixaafe8 wrote

Me too. My husband got me some sheepskin slippers and they have changed my winter experience completely! I used to just wear wool socks but it wasn't even close to keeping me warm. The slippers (without socks) do the trick.


pmjm t1_ixbkyzl wrote


For me, my feet are usually the only part of me that feels cold. But I hate having socks on. So it's a pick-your-poison situation.


that_1-guy_ t1_ixaft2i wrote

Bonus tips, your head radiates that transfered heart like crazy, if you don't have somewhat thick hair consider a hat

In a pinch tucking your shirt in helps keep the heat in by a few degrees, it ain't a myth


DigitalSteven1 t1_ix9pgg2 wrote

Get a heated blanket, they cost practically nothing and double for sitting and laying down in bed


jupiterkansas t1_ix8jxik wrote

A lap blanket does wonders too.


normalbot9999 t1_ixajl6e wrote

this. a good warm blanket will trap the heat you make yourself. no need to take the risk of burns if something goes wrong. also, lots of layers, including a thermal vest works wonders.


Koshekuta t1_ix9vepv wrote

I used a PS5 was a space heater, my room was 63 degree and running the PS5 took it to 75. Perfect for an office or medium size room.


markedasred t1_ix8ivyr wrote

Doing this, and wearing a woolly hat as well. Works fine.


LightConquersDark_ OP t1_ix8npov wrote

Helps alot, I usually have my hood up on my hoodie jumper. Aside from that, another one i like to use is while sleeping, I put a hot water bottle under the covers, the insulation from the blanket will keep it super cosy under the covers for the whole night.


_Dry_View_ t1_ix8o9f8 wrote

I used to do that and had two major dissasters occurring during the night when the water bottle ripped from the side. Now I use microwave seed cushions.


ResponsibleBase t1_ix8vrws wrote

I'm sorry those accidents happened to you! Glad you found a good solution.

I do hot-water bottle under the covers near my feet in severely cold weather. If I can get my feet warm, the rest of me will be warm.


LightConquersDark_ OP t1_ix979g4 wrote

I do the same, leave it near my feet under the blanket. When you go to bed you must be 100% sure the cap is screwed on correctly, also be sure you got hold of a hot water bottle from a respectable brand, and you will have no issues.


Maxwe4 t1_ixa9y1j wrote

But wont this roast my balls?


concentrated-amazing t1_ixab4qe wrote

I would be very hesitant to do this if I was a male who wanted to reproduce.

They say even the heat from a laptop over time affects your sperm count. (Though, I think, it can recover over time if you stop using it on your lap.)


Dave30954 t1_ixd93ds wrote

*starts jacking off more to compensate *


-Satsujinn- t1_ixakhfm wrote

To add to this - insulate your legs! We often layer up on tshirts, jumpers, coats etc, but then walk out with just a thin layer of denim on our legs. It's like having your hot water pipes on the outside of your house, all that blood will cool as it passes through your legs.

As a bonus, it also keeps your feet warm!


cucumbermoon t1_ixay7kz wrote

Yes, I worked outside for ten years, and it was long johns that made it bearable in the winter.


vonvoltage t1_ixay8h2 wrote

My parents who were the age of most grandparents when I was growing up, grew up in small fishing towns in Newfoundland many many moons ago. They told me how you would heat up a brick (yes the fire safe kind) wrap it up and lay it in the end of the bed when you were sleeping. It would keep the bed warm during the night even if the fire in the stove happened to burn out during the night.


Tutorbin76 t1_ixacin9 wrote


That's also why heated seats are a godsend for winter drivers.


runswithdolls t1_ixbhcg4 wrote

Small dogs work too, have a constant temperature and won't burn you


Dr_Catfish t1_ix8obaj wrote

30$ for a throw blanket. Wrap around your upper body or drape over your lower body.



Aggravating_Buddy173 t1_ix8otxm wrote

Building on this, holding up a warm bottle of water against the arteries in your neck will also help.


radiantmemories t1_ixacd7e wrote

Microwavable gel hot packs exist, and are much safer to use.


smoothvanilla86 t1_ixad7qm wrote

Your hands and feet absorb and release heat very efficiently so just stand in a boiling pot of water to warm up


fencepost_ajm t1_ixapn5h wrote

Two alternatives: first, wear a hat indoors - maybe a knit cap or something with enough space to trap an air pocket at the top of your head. Second, consider a small pet bed warmer on the floor under your feet (pet bed optional) - they don't draw much power or generate a lot of heat - likely much less than 10 watts.


Beazore t1_ixay6s7 wrote

Hot water bottles expire! The material breaks down and will let far too much heat through - this is usually what causes injury. Check that yours is in date if you use this tip, and replace hot water bottles regularly.

Also, getting just a genuine wool thermal tank top has done wonders for me in keeping warm!


LightConquersDark_ OP t1_ixe5knf wrote

That's interesting to read. Never seen any "sell by dates" on a hot water bottle, how long would you say they last for before needing to be replaced?


superbugger t1_ixb9yd0 wrote

Choose your armpits or neck. A much bigger proportion of your cardiac output goes through there.

Also, wear a hat.


iwoketoanightmare t1_ixbh6t4 wrote

Heated throws are like $30 at Costco right now. At max setting they draw 100 watts. 10 hours of use would cost you maybe a quarter at most.


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Darkrne t1_ixajj7f wrote

I don't know what they're called in English but Wärmflaschen/Bettflaschen are pretty great and they're designed for this.


RMNusser t1_ixapb7s wrote

I used to do this when I had to take public transit to work. A 2L bottle of steaming hot water in your coat makes waiting for a bus in 5⁰ weather a lot easier.


bdbdbokbuck t1_ixaqknx wrote

Hand warmers a hood also for up to eight hours. If you use a hit water bottle, get a cover for it. BTW they make rechargeable hot water bottles now.


munkymu t1_ixar6ae wrote

I have a pair of down booties I wear in the winter. I also drink a lot of tea.

If both these things aren't enough, I usually get up and do a few dishes. Hot water + moving around does a great job of warming me up.


GypsySnowflake t1_ixavyfk wrote

Any tips for those of us who work on our feet?


depreavedindiference t1_ixb1hov wrote

Had a coworker in the past that made a pillow filled with rice that she'd heat in the microwave - same concept


dont_shoot_jr t1_ixb4jl2 wrote

Isn’t this bad for my little soldiers?


ClassBShareHolder t1_ixb7wvt wrote

Travel mug of tea between the legs keeps me toasty on cold commutes.


Hjaldir t1_ixbhyxh wrote

If only I ever got to sit down at my job.


Shauiluak t1_ixbimkf wrote

You can also do this with a 'corn' or other grain bag. It's like field corn inside most of the time, but I've seen them made with all sorts of large grains. You microwave it for a short period and roll it in another cloth. I had one I'd roll up in a shirt and put near my feet in bed when I lived in a room without heat. I was kept toasty all night until I could climb out of bed and turn on my electric radiator.


sunfries t1_ixbin3q wrote

I just use a rice bag


TheMooseIsBlue t1_ixbsyac wrote

This is California, man. We don’t just have a gallon of extra water laying around. The sun runs the electricity at my house. Jack up that heater till you need to turn in the AC.


ackbobthedead t1_ixbujpi wrote

They make rechargeable hand warmers you can do the same with that will last significantly longer.


NikkeiReigns t1_ixbwzdq wrote

I have two two litre soda bottles that I put hot water in. I put them under the covers at my feet. Heats my whole body up and is still warm in the morning.

Only works with 2 litre bottles. Cap doesn't come off and anything smaller wouldn't hold heat all night.


Wdrussell1 t1_ixckptv wrote

Instead of this just dress warmer. Don't just throw on some sweat pants or something. Put on a very thin layer under just about any pants. What your looking to do is contain heat, you don't need to generate more of it. Having a thin layer under some normal clothes will trap air to be warmed between them while also providing your skin with direct means of warming. Just having one or the other does not generate this effect. It almost doesnt matter how thin the bottom layer and how thick the top layer is.

If you have to be outside a wind breaker with a light sweat shirt is better than just a shirt and a large jacket. Unless you live in the arctic, your not going to need much more than this.

Use your body heat in your favor.


Kcnflman t1_ixclmue wrote

I’ve got one built in


aghzombies t1_ixd4c26 wrote

Polyester blankets (polar fleece etc) trap the heat from your body. Whether in bed or on the sofa, I recommend having one. My bed goes polyester fleece, duvet, heavy crocheted blanket to weigh it down.


villanuevahacienda t1_ixdhwnu wrote

You're using energy to heat the water... I'm not an expert but the savings you'd get from doing this must be so small they don't outweigh the risk of scalding yourself. This not a LPT.


LightConquersDark_ OP t1_ixemm2v wrote

Since you're no expert, look up the difference between kettle heating into an insulated unit vs electric/gas heating the room. It's cents on the dollar.


villanuevahacienda t1_ixgvtje wrote

Ok buddy, I'll keep boiling hot water sitting in my lap that I have to reheat every 20 minutes instead of throwing a blanket on. Thanks for the tip, you got anything else?


TheBushel2 t1_ixdonbq wrote

Summer season - this also works - use a cold bottle of water instead if you can.

I was on a road trip one time in August and the A/C on my friends car was broken and we stopped and got cold water bottles out of a fridge at a gas station - sit/straddle the bottle


AngelRedux t1_ixe2ej5 wrote

Good tip but a small heating pad is much more effective. And like a hot water bottle, it does not lose temperature and can be easily adjusted as conditions change.


jajajujujujjjj t1_ixa17g6 wrote

Working in a freezing corporate office my hack was to fill a coffee cup (with lid) with hot water and set it in between my legs just above my knees. Helps when it’s not really appropriate to have a blanket etc.


smiggster01 t1_ixc6sks wrote

What a world! People who work 9-5, 5 days a week can’t afford to heat a room they work in! This is a sad, sad place now