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SierraPapaYankee t1_iwv9z2m wrote

If you start choking sometimes drinking water can help clear your esophagus. This is not always the case, especially if something is lodged in your throat or blocking your windpipe, but it’s better to have a drink on hand to help clear or soften whatever is making you choke.


noonewonone t1_iwvc21w wrote

Choking occurs when food destined for your esophagus lodges in your trachea. Drinking will go to your esophagus. If you do manage to get water in your trachea with the food… I’m not sure that’s better.


Odd-Turnip-2019 t1_iwyokox wrote

How about this. Drink water when eating anyway because... I dunno, it's one of the main components in digestion..