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AcclaimedGroundhog t1_iwv9knp wrote

If you're actually choking, how is liquid going to help?


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_iwv9xxz wrote

It can save you from choking to death -- an extremely unpleasant experience -- by instead drowning.


Donohoed t1_iwv9th9 wrote

Yeah if you can't even force air through I'm not sure how OP thinks you're going to force water through


SierraPapaYankee t1_iwv9z2m wrote

If you start choking sometimes drinking water can help clear your esophagus. This is not always the case, especially if something is lodged in your throat or blocking your windpipe, but it’s better to have a drink on hand to help clear or soften whatever is making you choke.


noonewonone t1_iwvc21w wrote

Choking occurs when food destined for your esophagus lodges in your trachea. Drinking will go to your esophagus. If you do manage to get water in your trachea with the food… I’m not sure that’s better.


Odd-Turnip-2019 t1_iwyokox wrote

How about this. Drink water when eating anyway because... I dunno, it's one of the main components in digestion..


Jugales t1_iwv92je wrote

Adding: If you live alone, chew extra slow. If you start choking and cannot help yourself, run to the nearest neighbor or even into the street if you need to. Just find someone.


SierraPapaYankee t1_iwv9d65 wrote

Yes, but first learn to perform the heimlich maneuver on yourself by using the back of a chair or something tall enough to push your diaphragm up.


PansexualEmoSwan t1_iwve5lm wrote

As someone who has choked, running, thinking clearly, or even standing upright are all but impossible


Jugales t1_iwvh24i wrote

I believe your situation but I think it depends on how serious your choking is, whether you got a breath beforehand, and maybe a few health factors. I've seen a few videos of people running out of their apartments choking and looking for help, I'm sure you can find some on YouTube if you look


Confident_Pumpkin369 t1_iwvaver wrote

Drinking while choking can make the situation worse lodging it further down.


Informal_Ad3771 t1_iwvwl42 wrote

Also wear safety goggles in case you put sharp food in your eye.


keepthetips t1_iwv8t93 wrote

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SlicerStopSlicing t1_iwvj4o3 wrote

This is terrible advice. I suspect the OP does not actually know how choking works.


Odd-Turnip-2019 t1_iwyonys wrote

I can't believe this is a life pro tip. I mean.... Wow, just, wow.


Odd-Turnip-2019 t1_iwyorbs wrote

Hahaha, never eat alone. If you're planning to eat alone, notify a friend and tell them to call emergency services if they don't hear from you by the end of the meal. Choking is definitely one of the highest causes of food related deaths among those that both chew, and don't chew.