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TheAngelMutants t1_iye55l3 wrote

Almost everything posted here is nonsensical garbage.


Sideways_X1 t1_iyeoepr wrote

The real life pro tip is always in the comments.

... And there's always money in the banana stand.


TheAngelMutants t1_iyep1go wrote

There’s some quality advice on this sub, but that’s a tiny minority of the posts.


Due_Butterscotch9432 t1_iyf0yyy wrote

Approximately every post on this column, of which I, at one time, appreciated the acquired knowledge, thereof, is now waste of which the common dandy would find repulsive, and an insult to his intelligence..


timmyboyoyo t1_iye6n5a wrote

Did you try this LPT?


stillnotelf t1_iye8u3f wrote

I can't work it out. I think it's like evaluating "this sentence is false".


DaveyJonesXMR t1_iyevtci wrote

Wouldnt that make it Schrodingers LPT ... it's there but it's not there... we don't know


senorvato t1_iye9fv9 wrote

Most of the LPT Life pro tips should be moved to the today I learned sub. It's people who are just learning life skills most of us have already known.


JCPRuckus t1_iyebkp5 wrote

Not even. It's mostly people telling everyone not to do the one specific thing that someone did to annoy them today.


LordByronMorland t1_iyee54f wrote

This is mostly what I see. “Don’t do something that someone did to me that I didn’t like.”


algonquinroundtable t1_iyep1i3 wrote

But fr tho. Please don't bring a gendered gift to my gender neutral baby shower. 😂


RikerT_USS_Lolipop t1_iyey335 wrote

The only one that I can get behind is "Don't ask someone why they don't drink alcohol."


JCPRuckus t1_iyf1erk wrote

I can't even get behind that one. You can ask. Just respect if they say they'd rather not talk about it. Plenty of people are just fine with sharing their tragic backstories.


Prometheus188 t1_iyertjy wrote

This is the only correct answer here. 99% of posts here are personal rants disguised as tips.


teksun42 t1_iyeytnt wrote

Do not moon the moon during a meteor shower.


thee_agent_orange t1_iye8t5e wrote

I’ve been on here for a few years and ONE tip about flipping a cereal bag upside down before opening has been useful to me. Lol


ExNihiloish t1_iyelwkc wrote

What does that do for you? Should I be flipping my cereal?


madmiah t1_iyemj17 wrote

Probably has something to do with it settling during transport.


ExNihiloish t1_iyemzj4 wrote

Oh that makes sense. Flip it so all the cereal crumbs and dust go into the first bowl instead of the last.


theaeao t1_iyerett wrote

So they'll be more evenly dispersed I thought


Prometheus188 t1_iyero5r wrote

Notice how when your cereal is done, there’s a bunch of cereal dust left over? This prevents that from happening, as it gets distributed more evenly throughout the intact cereal.


asleepaddict t1_iyepch3 wrote

Also, you don’t really need a clip to close foods that go in a bag in a box. I do this for cereal and crackers. (Especially if a clip won’t fit inside of the box yet)

Roll the bag up and put it in the box upside-down, gravity and the box keeps it fully sealed! Just warn people in your home if you don’t live alone, or they might get snacks on the floor.


AMightyOak43 t1_iyentsk wrote

hmmm I did figure that one out all by myself. same with chips


the_original_Retro t1_iye5iah wrote

I'd like to append "at least twice if not more" to this excellent LPT.

A lot of people do something and instantly rush to report it to LifeProTips as must-have advice... when experts in that thing just wince and roll their eyes at how often it turns out to be massively counterproductive.

I'm a business consultant and routinely destroy bad advice here, not out of meanness, but because it's just such BAD advice, and if it leaves a positive impression on some people it could hurt them. Ditto stuff that reinforces social anxieties instead of facing or actually managing them (with the most common of these suggesting stupid lies to avoid social situations).

Often the advice is from someone who either thinks it makes sense (when it sometimes just doesn't), or it worked for them out of some freak coincidence. Either way, it's not a LPT the vast majority of the time, and in some respects can cause actual damage if followed.


Flowofinfo t1_iye7yz4 wrote

This sub is 90% outrageously made up, completely unthought out garbage


ReaperEDX t1_iye69qz wrote

LPT taking off your glasses with two hands will keep your glasses from coming out of adjustment as quickly.


PussyStapler t1_iyen537 wrote

What if I use one hand and grab it from the bridge over the nose?


ReaperEDX t1_iyenrkg wrote

Depends on the frame. If it's thin metal bridge, you're potentially putting a lot of stress to very little material.


M0RALVigilance t1_iye5lwa wrote

It’s even worse over at r/illegallifeprotips.


TommyTuttle t1_iyeb5qk wrote

It would be very difficult to enforce a “try it before you post it” rule on ILPT.


Daikaji t1_iyeizv9 wrote

But then how do they know if its ILPT or SLPT?


Buckle_Sandwich t1_iye91cy wrote

I would like an alternate LPT sub where only people over 60 years old are allowed to post.


BranWafr t1_iyeaal5 wrote

And then you'll get helpful tips like "If you want to get a job, just walk in to their office and drop off your resume." Or other helpful tips that haven't been valid for 20+ years. (And this is coming from someone who is getting real close to that age bracket. Just because we're old doesn't mean we can't be idiots, too.)


kmo9e t1_iyeo8ub wrote

Looking to get ahead in the workplace? Learn to type! LPT


vacon04 t1_iyeub18 wrote

"Just save 20% of your salary every month and buy a house in a couple of years. What? Rent is $2000 for a 1 bedroom apartment in a crappy area? Since when?"


its8up t1_iyea6en wrote

I dunno, man. Most people in the upper echelon of government are in that age range. Look at the bone head shit they pull all the fucking time.


Oudeis16 t1_iyedv0g wrote

And also, just cuz I like saying it. Don't post an LPT if it's not something you personally plan on doing so much as a thing you want everyone else to do to make your life better. If you're a retail worker, think twice before posting "always be nice to retail workers because we're all always perfect". If you're a CSR, maybe consider the other person's perspective before you post "if you're having a wild emergency, ignore it and take the time to ask your CSR about their day before you get all 'me me me' and try to bring the conversation to the broken vacuum cleaner currently eating your children."

If your LPT is just that you personally assume you're always right and are telling other people to assume you're always right, just don't post it.


n_e_r_d103 t1_iye6nr7 wrote

Can we really trust a guy, posting about not trying something you have never tried before, who has clearly never tried telling people not to try something, they have never tried?


Bai_Cha t1_iyem2bz wrote

I used to work at a deli and we sold stroopwaffles. A customer told me that if you put one on top of a cup of hot coffee the moisture causes it to fluff up (this is not true, by the way). But for the next year or so I told that to other customers without checking myself. Finally, one customer said "have you ever tried it?" and I was an idiot and said yes. He knew I was lying.

I still lose sleep over that to this day.


UneSoggyCroissant t1_iyemsth wrote

Doesn’t it just keep it warm


Bai_Cha t1_iyemz68 wrote

Yeah, and makes it a little softer. It's nice, for sure, but it doesn't fluff up.


waltzer7 t1_iyf0kee wrote

Ah you were just trying to help them, no harm done. Retailers don't have to test all the products and services they sell. It's not like you lied to increase sales. Let it go! :D


mojojojo2069 t1_iyekn3d wrote

Always remember love more than yesterday and even more tomorrow - the grinch


james-HIMself t1_iyem56v wrote

LPT: If you want free karma you can make up fake tips that sound real

-most people probably


placeholder_name85 t1_iyepnzu wrote

The 100 words of a language one is especially ridiculous. Learning a language isn’t about knowing a lot of words.


Wolf_EmpireFr t1_iyed0j8 wrote

LPT: Don't follow any LPT (boom paradox)


keepthetips t1_iye4svm wrote

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Kimorin t1_iye7aiv wrote

have you tried this OP?


reimancts t1_iyen75k wrote

I think people in general should think about what they are about to posting an lpt. Most are not lpt's. Some times they really only help some people leaving a lot of people seeing the advice as worthless.

It's kind of like telling people next time they loose their phone to stand in the middle of the room and say hey google say the abc's to find their phone. This only helps people with android and hey Google turned on sonic works with the screen off. It's an android user tup, but not a life pro tip.


ghutterbabe t1_iyer4z8 wrote

Ahh these are the best tips. Tips about not trying anything and giving advice. Procedes to not try something and give advice. Magical.


whyunoletmepost t1_iyetlsk wrote

So by that logic you should not be posting TIL unless you already tried not posting TIL?


Braydee7 t1_iyewrv2 wrote

LPT: Everyone has a plan until they've been punched in the face.


LoomisKnows t1_iyezcqj wrote

The first 100 words of a language is a legit tip that works really well


neophanweb t1_iye9epy wrote

Add this post to that list of LPTs to don't post.