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thee_agent_orange t1_iye8t5e wrote

I’ve been on here for a few years and ONE tip about flipping a cereal bag upside down before opening has been useful to me. Lol


ExNihiloish t1_iyelwkc wrote

What does that do for you? Should I be flipping my cereal?


madmiah t1_iyemj17 wrote

Probably has something to do with it settling during transport.


ExNihiloish t1_iyemzj4 wrote

Oh that makes sense. Flip it so all the cereal crumbs and dust go into the first bowl instead of the last.


theaeao t1_iyerett wrote

So they'll be more evenly dispersed I thought


Prometheus188 t1_iyero5r wrote

Notice how when your cereal is done, there’s a bunch of cereal dust left over? This prevents that from happening, as it gets distributed more evenly throughout the intact cereal.


asleepaddict t1_iyepch3 wrote

Also, you don’t really need a clip to close foods that go in a bag in a box. I do this for cereal and crackers. (Especially if a clip won’t fit inside of the box yet)

Roll the bag up and put it in the box upside-down, gravity and the box keeps it fully sealed! Just warn people in your home if you don’t live alone, or they might get snacks on the floor.


AMightyOak43 t1_iyentsk wrote

hmmm I did figure that one out all by myself. same with chips