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lurkinglen t1_j1lxio5 wrote

Dark and extra dark roasting is the way to hide the intrinsic poor quality of a bad batch of coffee beans. Also, pour-over/filter coffee generally requires a lighter roast than espresso, but a lot of people like the acidity of lightly roasted beans in an espresso.

People who know about coffee drink light to medium roasted beans.


Proper_Distribution1 t1_j1m6gzx wrote

My problem is during tax season it’s not uncommon for me to drink 1 pot or more a day of coffee. My office has a standard Mr Coffee, and any light roast or coffee with anything more than light acidity upsets my stomach. The darker the roast, the smoother it goes down for me. And I definitely need the coffee when I’m down the office about 10-14 hours a day 7 days a week. Energy drinks don’t do much for me and they have way too much sugar.

I find it hard to believe that every dark roast is just a bad batch of coffee beans. I understand how it can be used in that manner, but are you saying that for dark roasts they just grab the cheapest beans and burn the hell out of them?


murrimabutterfly t1_j1mubpt wrote

Good dark roast is typically made of a robusta/Arabica blend and is usually split-batched to keep it even or dried slightly beforehand to help it get darker faster.
French roast, generally, is the “throw it in a pot and burn the shit out of it” variety. Other dark roasts aren’t typically like French roast.
Like, look at Peet’s Arabian Mocha Java. It’s a dark roast that’s smooth and slightly sweet. The smoky notes are subtle, and the cocoa helps balance everything. It’s been roasted long enough to draw out a deeper flavor, while still maintaining a mild body.
Generally speaking as well, if you notice “froth” or bubbles on top of your coffee, it’s a pretty good sign that your coffee is of high quality and the beans were properly taken care of during the preparation process.


deezx1010 t1_j1nq1h8 wrote

I know this is an invasive question. But how do you relax with that type of schedule? Like what do you actually do?


Proper_Distribution1 t1_j1nwic7 wrote

So 8-9 months out of the year I’m essentially a half time stay at home dad, drive the daily 4 hours taking 2 kids to and from school, my wife works from home but she has a stressful job as an engineer. 3-4 months out of the year I prepare tax returns. On a good day I can knock out 12-17 returns in a day. Last year I did somewhere between 850-900 federal state and local income tax returns. There is no relaxing during tax season, you can relax either on April 16th, or when the extensions are completed. I wake up, work, come home, help out the girls to bed and crash


CuppaTeaThreesome t1_j1lxu6o wrote

My new lever machine needs a dark roast as it's difficult to use, but I'm learning.


SpaceTurtle917 t1_j1m388b wrote

You probably need a darker roast on the lever machine because it's hard to get a lever machine to a hot enough temperature even with preheating. Darker roasts extract easier so it makes up for the lower temperature.


CuppaTeaThreesome t1_j1max4x wrote

Only had it a few weeks. Learning as I go. Had a few wonderful shots from it and some awful. Santa got me more toys for it so I've plenty to be messing with :)