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Knocksveal t1_j29649t wrote

But if you live in a large apartment, or even a spacious house, buy Japanese products anyway.


ThoughtfulPoster t1_j297ivx wrote

Or buy commercial-grade Japanese products. Regular size, but also efficient and effective. For instance, I just got rid of my kettle for a Zojirushi water-boiler. Hot water on demand, five minutes faster, with a similar countertop profile as a kettle.


Late-Jicama5012 t1_j29htky wrote

That’s an expensive water boiler.


ThoughtfulPoster t1_j29i8qe wrote

It saves me five minutes a few times per day. At least an hour per week. Even at minimum wage, it's paid for itself in a few months.


PoorRij t1_j2c7enq wrote

Or you could just use your microwave.


hadesdog03 t1_j2cydde wrote

But a microwave is not very efficient. It draws too much power for the amount it heats.


PoorRij t1_j2etvoj wrote

Dude it probably costs like $0.03 to run it for 30 seconds.


keepthetips t1_j2946zg wrote

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kgunnar t1_j29lcoj wrote

Muji is a fun store.


DroolingSlothCarpet t1_j29w1wa wrote

If you have a small mouth, buy a small toothbrush.

If you don't eat a lot skip the dinner plates and just eat off salad plates.

If you're a midget, don't drive around it in an Escalade.

What kind of silliness is this?