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PezCandyAndy t1_j1ewf4r wrote

Better LPT: Buy a small shovel like this for the trunk of your car. It will really help if you get snowed in at work or other places


ForceOfAHorse t1_j1fmz2m wrote

Even better LPT: make your living arrangements in such a way that you don't spend your life doing maintenance work.


harohelu t1_j1fz3bt wrote

Wow, very helpful. Not everyone has that luxury.


Prometheus188 t1_j1hsl3z wrote

I can’t control that my workplace doesn’t have an underground parking garage.


ForceOfAHorse t1_j1hsyw2 wrote

You can control where you live and where you work. You choose to live in car-dependent place. I choose to not live in such a place, therefore I never have to worry about shoveling snow when it gets cold. Also don't need to worry about car door freezing, don't need to worry about pushing snow out of my driveway etc. I just put my winter boots on and that's basically it.


Prometheus188 t1_j1ht8la wrote

I got a new job that’s paying 25k more than my previous one. I’m willing to deal with the downside of occasionally having to scrape my car, for an extra 25k a year.