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AbleWarning t1_j12jd7u wrote

Just do things u enjoy, and tolerate work to pay for it lol


Heavy-Dentist-3530 t1_j130efn wrote

Life is full of suffering, as Buddha said, it is up to you to understand that most of the things that cause you suffering are made of thoughts you created or cannot control, and create your inner peace, for you and others.

To control it is the way of living. That is to reach enlightment. To face life as it is and not biased by your thoughts.

Death is just something that is part of life. There is a story told of a woman who brought her dead child to Buddha and begged him to bring her child back to life. Buddha asked the woman to bring a mustard seed from a house where no one had ever died. Only then would he grant her wish. She of course, could not find a household saved from the pain of death and she was then struck by the universality of dying.


worthlessredditor273 t1_j12qmwl wrote

Just gotta decide for yourself what's worth living for. For some it's money, some it's family, some it's adventure, etc. It's all up to you


SuiMilky t1_j12lsg7 wrote

I am by no means an expert. I had felt like life had been pointless as well in the past due to various reasons and with various ok intensity. The methods I were able to use to cope and get through those tough times as well as move myself forwards were two different strategies.

Spite. This one worked very well but also has a double edge sword. When circumstances, whether it's people, the environment, or other situation spite was able to get me through the toughest times. "Want to see me fail? F*** you! I'm not letting you win!" The down side to this is that I've often fallen backwards after achieving the goal and it becomes a loop.

Enjoyment\Hobby\Something to look forward to. This one is more positive, and generally for me lasts longer and doesn't have a fall at the end due to having new stuff to look forward to before the first one even ended. A simple example would be a show \ series you enjoy or an event you would like to attend; like a significant other's birthday or other significant event.

I would also recommend seeking professional help.


MysteryMagnetism t1_j13o6um wrote

Take the statement, "Nothing in Life matters."

And you can interpret it in two ways.

  1. Why should I do anything because nothing matters?


  1. Oh my goodness how freeing it is that I can do anything and create anything because nothing matters.

Once I understood this distinction it freed me up from existential dread and allowed me to focus on creating my reality.


Heavy-Dentist-3530 t1_j14ogog wrote

Agree with the second one. We are just a particle in the universe, we can do whatever we want (between the social norms required), that is a good-feeling.


3knuckles t1_j12no7u wrote

If there's something troubling me, I find thinking about it helpful. Might be a work situation, or a conversation at home, or the meaning of life. Just take some time.


clhamala t1_j12ruyg wrote

enjoy your time in the sun friend! thats all!


kwazyness90 t1_j152irg wrote

I go to the gym and try to life more weight the the previous week. XD and I eat yummy foods 😋 and try to find better food then previously


Catspaw129 t1_j12ve8l wrote

Do something -- even a little thing -- good for others.


Ninjake56 t1_j131ojr wrote

There is no meaning of life. Life is what you live everyday. Find what you enjoy and work to be able to do that. Enjoy the small moments and don’t feel like there is anything greater because there isn’t. You’ll often find the memories you find the fondest are the ones where you didn’t realize you were enjoying them as they were happening.


DeepFeeling1 t1_j13axwf wrote

Read existential philosophy and Learn more about nhilism.

It helped me find out more about life and nature. Subconsciously gave me way to live.


tbeannnnn t1_j177uhx wrote

Book suggestions?


DeepFeeling1 t1_j17u517 wrote

I would sugest just go on youtube and get some general idea on the Subject. There is work of varying level of quality, the reputed philosophers are not so easy to read.

More interest you take in the subject im sure you will over time know about the historical ideas and general discussion about the subject among intellectuals.


guitarstitch t1_j143m3e wrote

There's a country song that sums it up for me:

I'm not here for a long time; I'm here for a good time.


keepthetips t1_j12j0sv wrote

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SeaMission2253 t1_j136g03 wrote

You have to be part of something bigger than yourself.


frzn_dad t1_j15xe0v wrote

Look around, you can't not be part of something bigger than yourself. You may not feel important or necessary but you are still part of it. You may not affect 100s or even 10s of people directly but we all affect someone or something with our time here. That effect ripples through time affecting many more people than we will ever know.


the_patriot916 t1_j156yfe wrote

There is absolutely meaning. It is found in Jesus Christ the Son of God


fuckoffdude666 t1_j15yfkc wrote

That's great that religion has brought meaning to your life, but it is certainly not just found in jesus.


hebreakslate t1_j15z0be wrote

Read Ecclesiates. Someone much wiser than I has already written the definitive work on facing the futility of life and the inevitability of death and coming out the other side joyful.


Twisting_Me t1_j169qrv wrote

Look up epicurianism and existentialism. That’s how I roll.


excesssss t1_j16b82x wrote

There’s the year you’re born, the year you die, and that little line in the middle. What are you doing to make that line, your life, matter? Happiness, purpose, satisfaction, contentment, they all come in different forms for everyone. Some are more obvious, and some are private, niche. That’s totally fine either way. As long as you’re happy with your lot in life, more power to you. However if you are not happy, and you are doing nothing to improve your situation or meet your goals or advance, etc., then you suck. Don’t suck. Find out who/where/how you want to be, and do it. Be it, live it.


lickmyfupa t1_j16bfv7 wrote

Maybe its the opposite. Once you realize life has no meaning, you can start enjoying it. Do whatever you want. Outcome is still going to end with you being dead.


BodyofGrist t1_j16x6ew wrote

Thou hast no right but to do thy will... For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law


louekk t1_j1b91d9 wrote

there is no purpose, this is all just a freestyle that we shouldn't really try overthink


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ssossotte t1_j1370c2 wrote

I found meaning when I had children


Lokivstheworld t1_j12k87g wrote

It's especially hard knowing that this isn't the end. After living on earth, you get to live eternally in heaven. (Or the alternative) but knowing that, it's like, why would I want to be here when I can be there? Just trust God's plan, I guess.


Duoscene OP t1_j12ky0f wrote

Sorry, but I don’t believe in afterlife


Lokivstheworld t1_j12n6j8 wrote

No need to apologize to me. Seems like a much easier decision, though, in that case. Life or nothing.


Comprehensive_Put_61 t1_j12rb2v wrote

If there’s no after life then it doesn’t matter what you do. You can decide your purpose. But the fact that you seem to be seeking an answer beyond your subjective opinion suggests you intuitively know there has to be a more objective standard of purpose and meaning.

If life ultimately has no purpose other than our subjectivity then it stands to reason that you just make it up as you go. Your purpose you give yourself is just as valid as someone else, at least objectively no one can call you out and say your perspective is wrong. But if you want an answer with more substance and grounding, then it has to fall on something objective.