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I travel to so many festivals and small shops and love buying merch and fun items. At this point, though, I’m getting annoyed with “honest small business-craftspeople” reselling bulk Amazon items piecemeal at a mark up. This includes the $5.99 100 piece sticker packs that are sold individually for $3, earrings, enamel pins, even t-shirts, etc. Its obnoxious and drags down the quality and variety of the artisanal outlet and events AND still gives Amazon your money.

Reverse Google image search is the easiest way to double check.

Edit: Please note, I am not encouraging anyone to intentionally buy off Amazon. I’m pointing out what seems to be the quiet practice of reselling Amazon goods as original creations at a much higher price at Artisan outlets and events. If anyone really wants these geegaws and such, they’re on Amazon for purchase, I guess, BUT its not an HONEST small business if A GRIFTER uses Amazon as a vendor. Its being a middle-man for Amazon under the guise of an independent operator. People are buying specifically to not buy from Amazon!

Now, at the very least, you can make an informed choice and exclude the Grifter who already gave Amazon their money and wants to make a profit off how cheap the site is and how unaware you are.

TLDR; I wish more Grifters didn’t buy bulk items off Amazon to resell piecemeal at a significant mark up with the customer’s expectation that they’re helping a small business and not a middle man for Bezos.



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tvieno t1_j2e17ee wrote

Sometime you buy from the real-life person because they are trying to earn a living. Not some guy in a garage on the other side of the world.


raydefan t1_j2ewx5g wrote

Do you think that the guy in the garage is doing it as a hobby?


hikergal17 t1_j2eohgo wrote

So on the flip side - I know a small artist who is actively having HER handmade sticker designs stolen and sold in “100+ sticker kits” on Amazon.


StMollyoftheKnives OP t1_j2epjo7 wrote


Such a great point— Reselling off Amazon steals from the actual makers who don’t see a single dime from their hard work!!

Supporting Amazon by reselling complete items in bulk with a mark up steals from the real small businesses who actually make their wares and rewards lazy grifters.


The2034InsectWar t1_j2ekhrg wrote

I am okay spending an extra $6 at my local flea market if it means the seller can eat that day. It’s not always about saving a buck or two.


StMollyoftheKnives OP t1_j2envtg wrote

You’re feeling good about still supporting Amazon so you can pity-buy from a flea market vendor? I mean, you do you.


rimeswithburple t1_j2ee0nv wrote

Wait. You only designed the art and silk screened it, but you didn't grow, card, weave the cotton and sew the actual T-shirt??? You fraud!! Jk, if you operate under the assumption that everything you buy is made in a third world country under horrendous working conditions with the lions share of the money going to some amoral corporation you'll be right way more often than not.


StMollyoftheKnives OP t1_j2eh0ju wrote

Not quite. Again, buying from Amazon and reselling the exact same product for $5 more is a rip off AND still supporting Amazon under the guise of a “small business” aka person who does not create a damn thing and claims credit.


Unlikely-End-1502 t1_j2e0m1s wrote

I actually agree. If people are clear that they are a reseller, sure. But if they are presenting themselves as an artisan, it’s a little frustrating. It’s not that I wouldn’t still buy it, but if I want a good piece, I want something that’s not a resale off Amazon.


Furthur t1_j2dx1zs wrote

at festivals thats how the afford to travel from one show to another. Its the way of the lot and we dont buy from them to save money.. we doit to help get someone down the road.


LysergicRico t1_j2e3nxf wrote

Way to destroy local small businesses. Which part is obnoxious? Someone trying to make a living? How dare they!

Gosh, if only people sold things at the same price they bought them for. That makes so much more sense. And since they don't, I'll just buy it cheaper from a multi-billionaire who does not give his employees time to use a toilet. Yeah!!

You my friend, ARE the problem.


StMollyoftheKnives OP t1_j2e4wpt wrote

“lol dont buy from Amazon, buy from me (who buys from Amazon) and takes more of your money”


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skunksmasher t1_j2fkk9g wrote

What type of idiot buys from markets or festivals, it's all a scam, overpriced imported repackaged crap claimed to be artisan.


NeedmoOrexin t1_j2e4f6w wrote

If I need it right away, yes. Otherwise Aliexpress is pretty awesome.