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The act of articulating these goals, and having them validated on social media (or in person) will create an initial dopamine rush, which might trick your brain into convincing you that you already completed something, and reduce the likelyhood of following through on them.

Instead, make S.M.A.R.T goals and keep them to yourself and actively track your progress. That's the best way to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to achieve them



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Bizprof51 t1_j2flijr wrote

Social psychology research tells us that public goals are much more likely to be achieved than secret ones. Telling people is a form ofmsocial discipline. Tell a friend and have a friend tell you. imo.


EducationalNose7764 t1_j2fplq8 wrote

I don't, because I don't have any. Homie don't play that.


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jadethevenom t1_j2fpyed wrote

I think it's best to tell people that are very close to you about your resolutions so they hold you accountable and keep you on track. But I don't think it's a good idea to broadcast them on social media. If you don't stay on track, it could lead to feelings of guilt and embarrassment knowing that everyone can see that you haven't followed through.


rpmerf t1_j2fliv1 wrote

I think it is better to announce them, as it makes them more official. There's more "consequence" for not following through. If you don't announce them, then give up after a week, no one knows. That makes it easier to abandon.