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diablodeldragoon t1_j24d4bm wrote

Kids just walk up and start talking to other kids and ask if they want to be friends.

Somewhere around middle school, we lose the confidence to do that.

As an adult with little fucks to give, I walk up and shake hands. Of course, being somewhere doing shared hobbies makes this significantly easier than the bus stop.


iclimbnaked t1_j24n5ls wrote

Some people have kinda touched on this but at it’s simplest….

Show up to the same place at a regular time that other people regularly show up.

Being around the same people tends to be how friendships occur. You naturally just kinda do it as your regularly around them. When we’re young this happens automatically at school. As adults it can happen at work but coworkers are often in diff stages of life so it’s more of a hurdle. Granted plenty of my friend are past/current coworkers.

The simplest way is some sort of sport, activity, club etc. like you’ll inevitably make friends with people on a sports team you play on.

If you go to the same gym every Tuesday, others will be there and friendships may follow. Yes takes a bit more active effort there but still.

Same with I’m sure volunteering places etc.

A shared regular activity is the easiest way to make friends.


keepthetips t1_j24co32 wrote

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nilogram t1_j24d47x wrote

It starts with talking and communicating, get yourself in situations to do that with people that have common interests, this can be done through school classes, activities, clubs, hobbies and even sports. Good luck and just remember, they are human just like you! Everyone is a little shy some just show it more than others.


tvieno t1_j24hs5m wrote

Look for social events or clubs in or near your town and go to them.


EffectiveWeekend2713 t1_j26c4rj wrote

Volunteer work. Church. Adult education classes. Art classes. Rec sports leagues. Writer's groups. Pick something you like to do and do it in public with others. Check your library for activities and participate.

Equally important, ask yourself why you don't already have friends. You may need to be more outgoing, more interested in others, more willing to try new things, more willing to talk and listen. These things may feel unnatural at first, but you *can* do them and they are what will establish bonds beyond just being in the same pottery class. This will take some real effort, but it will be very worth it.


Enrageder t1_j24d759 wrote

go out and do things in the community. for example, go to a young adult group at a church (rly great people there) , go volunteer at for example an animal shelter. you could also make friends by being a regular at some spots, i know several baristas who have favorite customers b/c they show up so often and are polite. i hope this helps!