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Filling up my truck with diesel takes awhile and isn't the most convenient thing to do one the way home from work. I decided to do it anyway on a Friday afternoon. My puppy happened to step on a bee when I took him outside and I was able to rush him to the vet and get him treated in time because the truck had fuel in it. Always keep enough fuel in your vehicle to get to a vet or hospital if needed. Also, liquid Benadryl is good to have on standby for allergic reactions.



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healing-souls t1_j6jshza wrote

obviously finances make a big difference but I'm a believer in fill it up at a quarter tank and if the weather is going to be bad, make sure you have a full tank before you head out.


keepthetips t1_j6jrhlu wrote

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PrisonerV t1_j6k4tuz wrote

Luckily, here, checks notes... it was -5F on Friday. So our chances of bee attack are virtually zero.


Catspaw129 t1_j6k4yg8 wrote

Isn't this sort of like the "bread & milk" thing?

- 1/4 tank, fill it up to 1/2

- Nasty weather: fill it up all the way, buy batteries, bottled water, TP, and canned goods.


billstrash t1_j6kpscr wrote

One other practical reason is that your fuel pump runs hotter/shorter life at under 1/4 tank.