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Outrageous-Stay6075 t1_j63wnjr wrote

...and then you get expelled for fighting because muh zero tolerannce


Devittraisedto2 t1_j63wt6e wrote

Yeah I'll never understand that part

Self-defense but you're the one who's losing more by fighting back even though you've made it well aware that you're being bullied by an individual/s


Oudeis16 t1_j63xcj2 wrote

There's a mindset among people in charge that nothing is ever a problem until someone is complaining. So if someone complains, their response might not be "fix the problem." It might be "get the person to stop complaining." If you teach people that they'll be punished if they complain, you'll see complaints drop drastically.


Outrageous-Stay6075 t1_j63yni7 wrote

It's because they don't give a flying fuck about actually solving problems and only care about their optics. "Look I suspend everyone for fighting no matter what, I hate violence! Keep me as principal and I will continue to make sure there is never any violence again!" they say as bullets go flying because that one weird kid that's picked on isn't able to just cold cock the person bullying them.

It's the exact same mentality of conservatives with drugs or liberals with guns, where if we just make it illegal, then the problem is magically solved.


Alice_In_Wonderland1 t1_j6433kg wrote

Yeah, I got suckered punched twice in the face by a wrestler who I guess thought I was a nerd or something- kinda was. Anyway he clocks me twice in the face and broke my nose. I'm gushing blood so I ran to the bathroom- kid was huge, I was stunned, not fighting back sorry champ. I get out of the bathroom and go to the nurse for ice. Nurse takes me to principle and this kid is saying I made a racist joke and that's why he hit me. I couldn't even honestly deny it because it was racism and the school was convinced I said something because he brought up how offended he was. This motherfucker gets 2 days out of school suspension and I get 1 week in school suspension- for getting punched in the face? Okie dokie.


Lightning-Shock t1_j64a02b wrote

Wow, to me that explains why you currently have more school shootings this year than days elapsed.


the_idea_pig t1_j647vwl wrote

I saw it happen a ton in high school. Bullies victimized people constantly and the victim was the only one who ever seemed to get punished. When my kid gets to that age, if I find out he's gotten suspended for fighting back against a bully I will happily take a week off of work and bring him on a father-son vacation. The administration is only ever interested in covering its own ass; bullying is something they can typically sweep under the rug and victims shouldn't be punished for defending themselves.


LargeWeinerDog t1_j642eo0 wrote

I gut punched a bully in the highschool locker room after he pants my buddy and got his underwear with it. It was during kick ball. My buddy was the pitcher. It was girls vs boys... He was facing all the girls and it was the last straw for me. Gym teacher let me off and told him that was fair punishment. I got him good too


tommykiddo t1_j643v1w wrote

Then you do what a kid back in the day at my school did and beat up the principal.


wild_wet_daddy t1_j6839l9 wrote

Lmao what kinda school was that, but ngl I thought about it aswell in high school


SplitOak t1_j6469az wrote

Even worse. You don’t fight back and take the beating and still get expelled for fighting.