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xPlus2Minus1 t1_j5wddo9 wrote

My point is I can't continue to let people be wrong about this, the actual future depends on it. There is no time to stop. This is like the first time in our species history where that is actually true. Our whole species is facing demise. Letting people be wrong and just going about my life isn't an option regarding the problems we're facing.


greenknight884 t1_j5we6w2 wrote

Maybe instead of thinking of it as giving up, think of it as changing tactics. Direct confrontation didn't work, so try something else.


xPlus2Minus1 t1_j5wmckq wrote

What do you suggest? Personally I've given up trying. Sometimes my passion for a continuing species slips out sure but I've given up on the idea that my father will be a part of the future


TheMaddMan1 t1_j5wurd6 wrote

There are much better things you can do for the environment than trying to convince people who aren't going to change their mind.


xPlus2Minus1 t1_j5x2y3i wrote

On a personal and effective level? Not really, comrade


JonWoyzeckKronos t1_j5whnt1 wrote

You are totally right.


xPlus2Minus1 t1_j5wmfk3 wrote

I truly hope I'm wrong. Imagine if climate change wasn't real? Holy shit that would be the greatest thing ever. Quite literally the greatest thing ever


EmptyVisage t1_j5y26kh wrote

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that the "entire future of our species" was at stake. The solution is finding people with the skills to innovate in a way that progresses us enough that we do not need to magically change the base attributes of the human race. You will NEVER fix the issues you seek to by belligerently arguing with normal people living average lives. Yes, there are healthy habbits we can all implement that will help a little, but what is needed is a paradigm shift in how we extract, process and distribute materials and resources, and this is entirely possible if we encourage everyone who has the ability to start working on the problems. The innovations we have made in the last 15 years are already far and a way ahead of what we predicted would happen, and we have already averted the worst of it. There is a long ways yet to go, but we can get there.


xPlus2Minus1 t1_j5zlqy5 wrote

Who says I'm belligerently arguing? I get angry when people are presented with evidence and refuse to accept it, because that's willing ignorance.

Before climate change, what threat has threatened the entire planet? One could make the argument that there have been diseases, but there's nothing on the scale of climate change in our history, affecting as many people as it is. It's a planetary problem.

We have definitely NOT averted the worst of it, what are you talking about??

And exactly! What we need is a planetary shift in the way we extract and utilize resources. The system we have has no failsafe or incentive to stop the problems we are facing, and in fact is the cause of said problems. We can hope that innovation will happen, but that's in no way any kind of stable method or excuse to continue on the path we are on.

Normal people living average lives are exactly the people who need to see what's going on and fight for change. The collective is all we have.


zowie54 t1_j5zwdi0 wrote

Nuclear weapons, asteroids, large scale volcanic eruptions, famine, disease, etc.


xPlus2Minus1 t1_j5zxxe8 wrote

None of those are on the scale of PLANETARY FAILURE.

Nuclear weapons are human operated instantaneously, and disease you can quarantine, there are methods to stop transmission that can be done on a personal level.

Again, climate change is something that will affect the entire planet. We don't have anything else. There's no magic fix that tech can offer us. There's no other planet to escape to. We have this, or nothing.