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klin0503 t1_j5x8cfy wrote

I used to do this all the time. I love being right, and I still do, but I used to always correct people. When I was younger, one day my friend called me out on it. Said that I always put him down. That stuck with me. Since then, I always think twice about whether or not it's worth correcting someone, especially if it's harmless for them to continue believing the wrong thing and they were excited about it.


xKitoo t1_j5yb3ba wrote

I believe I'm somewhat similar. Do you have any tips on how to have it under controll? Because more often than not I do it unconsciously and catch myself after, that I was rather obnoxious for very trivial things.


klin0503 t1_j5ycz0y wrote

For me, it's become like second nature. I always keep it in mind and remind myself to think about it, then eventually it became natural for me. That being said, I do find myself still doing it from time to time, but it's not to the degree where it's problematic.

I think in general, it's really just thinking about what you're going to say before saying it.


WateryTart_ndSword t1_j5zilb2 wrote

Step 1: Start apologizing when you realize it after: “Sorry, I just realized I was being an ass about [x].”

This practice alone will help you be more mindful, & not treat conversation like a competition.

Step 2: Be slower to speak in general. Don’t wait for the first moment to jump in—wait for the moment when you know they’ve made their point.

When you’re purposefully listening for the main point, you’re less likely to let yourself be distracted by irrelevant trivia or semantics.

Bonus Step: Try to ask more questions! Even just confirming back to them what they said before you respond will help you slow down, & think before you speak.