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SkyNightZ t1_j5y86xg wrote

Depends. This situation can be caused by either debater being close minded.

For example, arguing with a flat earther can make you angry. Not saying you should get angry, but I see it happening.


MysticMoteToter t1_j5ydnhl wrote

Well in the flat earther context, "It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.” – Bill Murray


Alan_Smithee_ t1_j5za7lt wrote

For sure.

Sorry to be pedantic, but it’s “closed-minded,” as in someone has closed their mind to new information or differing opinions.


IxI_DUCK_IxI t1_j5zohn3 wrote

This. Conspiracy theorists, especially, don't debate. Their arguments are full of fallacies and they keep moving the goal posts. It's impossible to debate them cause they'll keep changing the topic with redirection.

We need to stop allowing them to do this. Call them out on this, point out the fallacy directly and emphasis that they aren't good at arguing/debating, that they're good at misdirection/moving the goal posts.

Their entire tactic is to keep the opposing side back-peddling to cover new information based on fallacies that the conspiracy theorist randomly throws out there.