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thelordofthechris t1_j6hkjkz wrote

LPT You should learn what opposite means before you use it in a sentence.


mahades t1_j6idm5h wrote

Incorrect, the opposite of "you're wrong" is "you're right".


barrycarter t1_j6hkja1 wrote

I wouldn't call this a "life pro tip", but it reflects my basic life principle and I call it "hard agnosticism". It's easier to find holes in someone else's logic than to come up with a logical argument yourself. You can then generally conclude that, since there's no provably right or wrong answer, people should believe and act how they want. Ah, libertarianism!


keepthetips t1_j6hk5ph wrote

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Oudeis16 t1_j6ijgio wrote

I have a tendency not to be wrong.

People hear that and think I'm saying I'm always right, because people for some reason think they always have to be certain. My trick to rarely being wrong is to try not to make a judgement until I have the facts. When I first hear of a situation I don't immediately think "okay well I'm picking a side" and then seek out information that justifies that stance and ignore anything that proves me wrong. I start asking questions, I try to figure what the facts are and see what conclusion, if any, arises from it. It's not as hard as people think to have an opinion on something without deciding your opinion has to be right; you can say "I don't know all the facts and there might be more out there and when I learn them I can change my mind, but for now, this is what I think."

This is a pretty useless LPT at best, but my big problem with it is that it still reinforces the paradigm. You still phrase it like it's assumed everyone has to always be right-or-wrong about any given topic. It would be better if more people stopped thinking "I came to an idea and I will fight anyone who disagrees," and started thinking, "I know some facts, you know some facts, we've both thought about this for a while, let's share our thoughts and have a discussion."


Gargomon251 t1_j6j38k1 wrote

Atheists are willing to admit that there are things we still don't understand