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DavidANaida t1_j6m09de wrote

Sounds like a cool way to have your vehicle stolen or moved into by a homeless person


TheElusiveHolograph t1_j6m96s1 wrote

Sounds like you live in SoCal. I feel like we’re the only ones who understand these 2 very common scenarios.


futureruler t1_j6nhz3p wrote

Not something I have to worry about, I leave my vehicles unlocked. I'm also at the end of a side street on the side of a mountain so its hard to know my house even exists, especially when the foliage grows back


DavidANaida t1_j6nqmk8 wrote

Milwaukee actually. Do y'all think homeless people only exist on the west coast?


chatterbox272 t1_j6m90nl wrote

Generally speaking, you can be pretty sure anyone willing to steal your car is also willing to break a window to do so.


AlmostChristmasNow t1_j6mhs7d wrote

Breaking windows draws attention, just opening the door does not. So you’re more likely to get caught if you break a window, a risk some would-be thieves won’t take.


scherster t1_j6mpori wrote

Can confirm, a car was stolen in our neighborhood, and several people had driveway camera footage of the guy going down the street and trying door handles.