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matlockpowerslacks t1_j6n64ac wrote

Here's the real LPT: copy your key today and use a piece of wire to attach it under the vehicle, or somewhere inconspicuous.

If it's a newer vehicle, you'll also need hide your spare fob somewhere in the vehicle with it turned of or with the battery removed.

If you don't have a spare, it's far less expensive to buy one online and program it yourself or call around and have a local locksmith do it in their shop.

You never know when or where you could be locked out. Don't assume roadside or AAA is nearby or that you will have a working cellphone/service. It could be the difference between making it to work, an important event, or saving yourself and passengers from exposure to inclement weather.

Spending $50-$75 today could turn out to be exceptionally beneficial, and it will only make your car more valuable should you decide to sell it.


GoodGoodGoody t1_j6nfejv wrote

Not sure what a spare fob with no battery locked inside a vehicle will do for you.


matlockpowerslacks t1_j6nlnxh wrote

Use the physical key that's wired under your vehicle to open the door.

Turn on/insert battery into your fob. Disable the alarm with the fob.

Replace spare key in hiding spot.

Start vehicle and be on your way.


RepulsiveSorbet1553 t1_j6nh34o wrote

much easier and cheaper to find a battery than call AAA


matlockpowerslacks t1_j6nz3pb wrote

You would keep the battery with the fob if it doesn't have the option to turn it off.

Lithium cells will last unused for 10 years.


I_Want_To_Know22 t1_j6om0hb wrote

"use a piece of wire to attach it under the vehicle, or somewhere inconspicuous."

He literally said "under the vehicle", not inside of it. If you have the battery on you (or even also attached somewhere), and the spare fob attached to the chassis somewhere, if you're locked out you can pull the spare fob out, put the battery in and be on your way.


Sv_gravlty t1_j6nmtu9 wrote

If its a newer vehicle, use the app to unlock the doors..


matlockpowerslacks t1_j6nymt5 wrote

Not very handy in the case of a stolen purse or a break-in if your phone is also gone.

Hopefully your app is already set up and doesn't require access to the key to do so. It also doesn't account for dead a dead phone, dead car battery, or no cell service.

My method is free or inexpensive and works without any outside tools or assistance. It's so much more adaptable and foolproof that it's a no brainer for me.