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LPT: If you are ever in a situation where you locked the keys out of your car and decide to break a window do not break the small glue in windows. The small windows tend to be the most expensive and most difficult to replace. Its never a great idea to break out your windows, but when push comes to shove, the small or corner windows are the worst option.



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TimeTravelMishap t1_j6lok1i wrote

/r/UnethicalLifeProTips/ if you are pissed at someone break the small windows


DownTooParty t1_j6lrkjh wrote

Life pro tip: Don't lock your doors and leave nothing valuable in your car. Doors always open and windows are always unbroken.


poco t1_j6lsi47 wrote

What year is this. I haven't seen a corner window since the original beetle.


charliesk9unit t1_j6m5qmx wrote

Pay attention to the new cars out there and you will see them everywhere. Namely because most vehicles these days are optimized for the lowest drag coefficient and therefore tend to have a deep slope windshield and that in turn necessitate the need for a corner window.


jcaarow t1_j6mh9su wrote

I had to do this for a bit when an attempted thief broke the lock and I can say there is always something to steal. Someone stole my passenger side window shade and someone slept in my car overnight


Realistic0ptimist t1_j6n3lep wrote

Pro tip: AAA used to be able to make a plastic dummy key for your car that won’t start the engine but will get you through the door to get your keys you left inside. Just have to keep it in your wallet or purse. It came in handy a few times while driving my old Camry.

If you don’t have a physical key to your car but a key fob don’t break the window. Thankfully you can just open the door as normal as the chip is close enough to the car that it will sense it and open it just like it would if it was on the outside


matlockpowerslacks t1_j6n64ac wrote

Here's the real LPT: copy your key today and use a piece of wire to attach it under the vehicle, or somewhere inconspicuous.

If it's a newer vehicle, you'll also need hide your spare fob somewhere in the vehicle with it turned of or with the battery removed.

If you don't have a spare, it's far less expensive to buy one online and program it yourself or call around and have a local locksmith do it in their shop.

You never know when or where you could be locked out. Don't assume roadside or AAA is nearby or that you will have a working cellphone/service. It could be the difference between making it to work, an important event, or saving yourself and passengers from exposure to inclement weather.

Spending $50-$75 today could turn out to be exceptionally beneficial, and it will only make your car more valuable should you decide to sell it.


Acceptable_Wall4085 t1_j6nnchh wrote

Windshields are covered by insurance. Pitted windows are a hazard for driving in bright sunlight. Taking out a windshield makes sense. The pitted one is replaced by a new one. Making for a safer ride.


Mindraker t1_j6nr5rq wrote

not a LPT: make a copy of your key and keep the spare copy in your anus


matlockpowerslacks t1_j6nymt5 wrote

Not very handy in the case of a stolen purse or a break-in if your phone is also gone.

Hopefully your app is already set up and doesn't require access to the key to do so. It also doesn't account for dead a dead phone, dead car battery, or no cell service.

My method is free or inexpensive and works without any outside tools or assistance. It's so much more adaptable and foolproof that it's a no brainer for me.


I_Want_To_Know22 t1_j6om0hb wrote

"use a piece of wire to attach it under the vehicle, or somewhere inconspicuous."

He literally said "under the vehicle", not inside of it. If you have the battery on you (or even also attached somewhere), and the spare fob attached to the chassis somewhere, if you're locked out you can pull the spare fob out, put the battery in and be on your way.


12altoids34 t1_j6pfv0w wrote

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