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Oudeis16 t1_j6ojkha wrote

Most car accidents happen within five miles of home. That's why I moved 12 miles away.


CorpusCollapsum419 t1_j6pc0to wrote

Oh shit so that’s why I’ve never seen a homeless person in a car wreck. Those lucky ducks


necrid101 t1_j6nsvfp wrote

Anything passes as "LPT" nowadays.


No_more_Whippits4u t1_j6p8ypc wrote

r/ShittyLifeProTips is struggling for members so they’re moonlighting over here


RabidBeaverLake t1_j6nv4yc wrote

Hey mom, put the bong down, you're getting too paranoid.

Context is everything. Use your best judgment but by no means is this a steadfast rule.


varg_sant t1_j6ook3m wrote

LPT: Don't post the first thing that comes to your mind.


Orcus424 t1_j6nya3o wrote

I can understand not getting in cars with strangers but it's odd to not take rides from people you know and trust.


pixeequeen84 t1_j6o3qfa wrote

I lived in a super tiny town in south dakota and I'd get in a car with just about anyone who offered. Most of them were my customers (I worked at the grocery store and the farm and ranch store), one time I had the sheriff drive me to work because I was walking in the snow.

Now I live in Tucson. I barely trust the bus driver.


Mindraker OP t1_j6oyo0m wrote

Small town vs. big city.

In my small town, people would leave their front doors unlocked. With huge urban growth and rise in crime -- not anymore.


stuloch t1_j6ns5b2 wrote

Hear that kids, don't even trust your parents.

Family holiday to Disneyland? Maybe it's a cover for a trip to Incestland


RascalRibs t1_j6ns6ts wrote

I've picked up people who were walking in bad weather. No bad intentions.

Still probably good advice though.


throwRAdating_dad t1_j6od4i0 wrote

This is a bit paranoid. I give people rides. I’ve also hitch hiked. The worst thing that ever happened was when I gave a (homeless) woman a ride. The next day she had wrote a note in lipstick on my truck window.

Also, I gave a ride to a woman who was experiencing a mental health crisis/intoxication. I drove her a couple blocks to the ER. She got mad at me and called me a bunch of nasty names but she did go into the ER so I think it worked out okay.


11SomeGuy17 t1_j6ns7t6 wrote

I mean, if you know them, use your best judgment. My brother does stuff like this regularly where I'm out maybe coming home from work or something and just offers me a ride because we live pretty close. This seems like quite a normal thing for people who are close. Family and good friends generally like helping each other out and seeing each other. Same deal with friends and my Aunt who'll sometimes see me out walking in rain or something and offer me a ride just because they care.

Not everyone is out to get you. Ofcourse you should always use your best judgment, if its just some random person I'm not stepping a foot in that car but I generally heavily vet those close to me so anyone who I trust enough to consider a friend is someone I'd trust. Although not everyone vets their friends particularly well so I understand having some mistrust but really, if I thought someone was gonna do something to me they wouldn't be my friend in the first place.


thehumblebaboon t1_j6pa1vw wrote

Bad advice. Numerous times in high school I’d walk home and accept rides from people who stopped for me. They were all people I know.

On my way home through my 4 years I had my English teacher stop, my tech teacher stop, my workshop teacher stop, and few of my friends parents who also offered to give me a ride home.

I was walking for the work out not because I had too, but I always took them up on it since it was a nice gesture that showed they cared.

And to answer your question about “them not asking for a ride, and why are you offering it?”

It’s because they care about their safety. If I saw my niece walking along the street alone, I would without a doubt ask her if she needs a ride and if she was okay. If I didn’t, then I am negligent.


Gloomy-Elephant675 t1_j6nu3hq wrote

Lol you live in a shithole if this is real advice.. In civilised countries it’s normal to offer people a ride (in rural areas) especially in bad weather. I will offer anyone a ride i see walking home on my way to and from work! Never had anything bad happen to me and was happy people offered me a ride when i was walking home from highschool!


Crzy710 t1_j6pdgwl wrote

I need the story abput why your so paranoid


ChrisPChicken04 t1_j6nrxi8 wrote

This goes without saying. Didn’t need the tip


hippyengineer t1_j6oavsz wrote

Pro tip: don’t drop off people you don’t know exactly where they want you to. Drop them off a block earlier. If you’re driving into a setup/robbery, dropping them a block early will likely keep you safe.


Character-Plantain-2 t1_j6pf0fs wrote

A man picks up a hitchiker, who asks 'how do you know I'm not a serial killer'. The man replies 'What are the odds of there being two serial killers in the same car?'


illcrx t1_j6ofvgc wrote

I’ve thought of offering strangers rides that are walking down the street. Seems like a nice thing to do, I’ve done it once. Was nice to help out.


CubicFrost t1_j6p6w7t wrote

I try to stop and help anyone I see out in the weather. I never do this with ill intent. Should I stop?


Mindraker OP t1_j6p7mvf wrote

Be safe. They don't know you and you don't know them.


CubicFrost t1_j6p8w66 wrote

I always try to be. Where I live tho in my area we all help each other. If I were in a bigger unfamiliar city I probably wouldnt stop honestly. In my community tho there is very little risk and Im a 6'2" 220 lb male with lots of combat training. I am Probably much more dangerous than whoever I am helping if I wanted to be.


lockheed06 t1_j6oqmau wrote

Thanks, J.J. Bittenbinder!



Dyn085 t1_j6ovkf9 wrote

Why would I wait until someone I know is randomly walking down the side of the road to pick them up and do something awful to them, wouldn’t it be more efficient to schedule that during a more convenient time for me? Like, what if I have a pizza in the oven and need to get home when I see them randomly walking, what then? What if my laundry will be done soon and I don’t want to deal with the wrinkles?


googleb4post t1_j6p9oem wrote

So what’s your backstory? You got in the car right?


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pisconz t1_j6p4ynu wrote

Because they might be good people that want to help out, if its a known person its really a no brainer for me, now if its an unknown then it is risky both ways.

But it is a bit sad that we have to fear doing good things these days, sometimes I see people that most likely are going my way and could use a ride, but I don't because I'm pretty sure it would come out as weird\pervy.


Dreamforger t1_j6p93it wrote

Well I had one offered us help, since we were carry a 65" tely xD He took it in his car and delievered it to the home adress.