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pzzia02 t1_j5iha2y wrote

My phones 1000 so that means it was 112 hours at 9 an hour or 6 days


myrevenge_IS_urkarma t1_j5ijr9q wrote

All the phones I've ever owned added together does not equal $1000. But it's about what is important to each person and what they want to splurge on.


pzzia02 t1_j5k0dqm wrote

Your phone must be a bit older this isthe most expensive phone ive ever owned will likely have it for a good coiple of years at least


myrevenge_IS_urkarma t1_j5kta3u wrote

Older and not Apple or Samsung. It finally dawned on me one day that there are other brands that aren't bad out there. With all the planned obsolescence, they all die after a few years anyway, so I don't choose to invest a lot.


pzzia02 t1_j5kxo50 wrote

Thats completely fair ive had a windows phone before but didnt like it nothing on their app store i have an s21 currently


tacticalpotatopeeler t1_j5ixyfr wrote

Is that your regular hourly or adjusted after taxes and fixed expenses?

I’d recommend figuring that number out, and use 8 hour days (or whatever your usual shift is) to determine how long it would actually take for you to earn that money, after paying your other obligations (rent, utilities, food, transportation, etc)

Unless you’re living at home and don’t have bills to pay, my guess is that it would take at least 2-3 months to earn enough extra to pay for $1,000 phone if your non-adjusted hourly wage is $9.


pzzia02 t1_j5k0iix wrote

9 an hour 5 hour days before taxes it would take 22.5 days after taxed id say double it i domt have many expenses atm so we can say that