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kempff t1_j6hirej wrote

I'm sure other hikers in the area would just love to hear your music blaring through the silence of nature. Nobody will think you're being trashy and inconsiderate.


i-have-a-pet-dog t1_j6huzj6 wrote

I’ve heard from Park Rangers while hiking that music or other deterrents like bear bells are heavily discouraged because it’s more likely that the bear will be curious of the noise and seek it out rather than avoid it.


skateralex240 t1_j6ix706 wrote

That's strange cause I've heard it recommended when with groups to talk loud that way you don't spook a bear and one into one randomly.


keepthetips t1_j6hfqo7 wrote

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barrycarter t1_j6hfwbp wrote

If you could convince the bear a large number of large animals is stampeding or something, maybe, but I think the bear'd be more likely to attack the source of the nuisance.


karrenl t1_j6hhkwf wrote

It didn't work on a mountain lion.