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ThingThatsJustBegun t1_j697tl6 wrote

Whenever I see out-of-season real estate pictures, I tend to assume that the house has been on the market since it looked like that outside.


Robbie-R t1_j6av12x wrote

You are correct. My wife worked in real estate marketing. They always shot new photos if seasons changed and a house was still on the market, for this exact reason.


5kyl3r t1_j6bzevb wrote

my very successful realtor friend told me not to do it for this reason. it's an automatic red flag for most seasoned realtors


Se7enLC t1_j6be6xx wrote

Doesn't it say how long a house has been on the market right in the listing?

EDIT: I'm talking about the US, just so we're clear.


Cyclist_123 t1_j6benbq wrote

You can create a new listing...


Se7enLC t1_j6bgk6s wrote

That still shows up. You can see every time it sells too. Unless you're talking like, outside of MLS or something.

Redfin even slaps a little badge on it saying "Back on market"


Cyclist_123 t1_j6bh2b2 wrote

If you delete the listing and remake it how would it still show up? The back on the market is if they don't completely delete it but mark it sold and then unsold.


Se7enLC t1_j6bhgxe wrote

It's by address. The history goes back decades. Go look at like any listing online.

You can't just "make a new listing" unless you're changing the address. Down voting doesn't change it.


Cyclist_123 t1_j6bhkmu wrote

That's not how domain and work. The history is different to the listing.

Maybe don't assume every website works the same as the ones you use.


Se7enLC t1_j6bidfv wrote

What country are you in? Never heard of and it doesn't even come up on Google.

Is the problem with the word "listing"? Would it be more accurate if I say "the webpage you look at when a house is for sale"?

Thanks for your edit. (And for editing the URL to add the .au). It turns out it's not a website difference -- it's a COUNTRY difference. I apologize for not realizing you were not familiar with how the US real estate market works.

It's wrong for me to be US-centric, but it's incredibly bizarre for you to assume that Australia is the country we're all talking about.


UsidoreTheLightBlue t1_j6bklee wrote

Yes, but I tend to assume they either found a new realtor and took it down and put it back up.


Se7enLC t1_j6bl5g5 wrote

I suppose there are lots of reasons for a property to go off the market and come back without having sold. I don't know if offers that fall through show up in the history for example.

I bought in the weird time where if a house was on the market for more than a week there was something wrong with it.


UsidoreTheLightBlue t1_j6bl8qm wrote

They would, generally.

It will show as pending, then on market again. That’s also a red flag.


Se7enLC t1_j6blmx9 wrote

This is a feature they should add to dating apps...


seawee8 t1_j69tvgw wrote

Your pictures need to be seasonally correct for when you list them. Buyers see old pictures and immediately think there is a bad reason that house has not sold since the pictures were taken.


beigemom t1_j69a4v8 wrote

Not necessarily the best advice:

  • an “out of season” looks like it was re-listed after a long time on the market;

  • as in my case, a little snow coverage obscured the horrible condition my large yard was in, ie turned to a lot of dirt during many droughts. Looked amazing in photos, and it worked.


MycologistPutrid7494 t1_j69ngst wrote

Obviously if your lawn is shit, winter snow pics would be better. I think this tip applies to those with lawns that look nice in the summer.


obnoxiousab t1_j69vwqt wrote

So… also adding the “looks like it’s been off the market” part, not the best tip.


RigbyRoadIce t1_j6asdue wrote

While true, having pictures from each season in the listing makes it fairly clear that's not the case.


SnoopThereItIs88 t1_j6acpxt wrote

In addition to this, please don't post pictures of the local parks or "scenes". I can go on Google Maps and see what your local park with all the ducks looks like. I want to see the property I actually would own.


I-own-a-shovel t1_j6b1tsv wrote

When browsing in area I don’t know well, a few picture of the neighborhood at the end of the album was a great addition imo.


Hotsaucex11 t1_j69ys3m wrote

You should be using professional pictures for selling your house, not random shots you took yourself the previous summer/spring.


twinzturbo t1_j6aok9h wrote

I think the opposite, clean up the yard/shrubs/trees take an In season photo. That's why we update pictures with seasons so clients don't think the property has been sitting for half a year.


Jor_The_Bouncer t1_j6a8cux wrote

And, for the love of fucking goodness, don’t use your damn cell phone. Splurge and pay a photographer to come out and take nice photos. Ask them if they have a drone for getting quality photos of the roof.

Sincerely, a MN licensed real estate agent


rigadox941 t1_j6agsa3 wrote

Better LPT: Always use a professional real estate photographer when listing a home.


skunksmasher t1_j6a9wk4 wrote

unless your house is shit then winter pics only, even in summer


anarchyreigns t1_j6b215g wrote

When I sold a house in the winter I played a video of photos of the yard in summer on the TV in the basement during the open house. People could stop and watch if they were interested or continue on with their tour.


rfwaverider t1_j6azhgk wrote

Ahhhh yes. Make it look like your house has been on the market for months.


AineDez t1_j6berdv wrote

I would have liked a few spring and summer pictures but mostly because I know that there are a ton of bulbs planted, mystery trees and tantalizing hints and I want to know what my garden is going to look like so I can plan "my" garden. I'm going to have to wait a year just to figure out wtf I'm working with... (Gardener problems, not 100% applicable)


Accomplished-Cut5993 t1_j69zvbu wrote

All of my homes are in southern california where this doesn't matter hahaha


SuitableCamel6129 t1_j6ak3he wrote

I live in the Caribbean and thought huh… this is a seasons visibly change where you live problem


ThisPlaceIsNiice t1_j6b8gp3 wrote

I'll get right on that once I have a house in never years


sonicrings4 t1_j6b5tbt wrote

Terrible advice. Out of season pictures suggest the house has been on the market for long and is struggling to sell.


Bongos-Not-Bombs t1_j6ad95x wrote

Eh, I sold a house in the Northeast US using photos taken in March. Didn't have any issues.


MarkDoner t1_j6b78kg wrote

Or, in Southern California, save pictures from the wetter winter/early spring months so that the landscaping is green instead of brown


Desdemona1231 t1_j6bj0ch wrote

I have a seasonal photo collection. As well as pictures of freshly painted rooms with no clutter.


JTippins t1_j6bu7xp wrote

Something else we do is every time we entertain or do a new setup or get new furniture we take quality photos of each room staged.


dizzlemcshizzle t1_j6bvphl wrote

Email address for the house is the real LPT here 👍


360walkaway t1_j6c5x92 wrote

Instructions unclear... have no house to sell because it's goddamn impossible to afford.


Goonskwizzle t1_j6cpfhg wrote

Save? It's not 1990. We have cell phones and unlimited storage in the cloud.


ntrubilla t1_j6ct577 wrote

Most counterproductive pro tip I have seen so far


keepthetips t1_j68wpof wrote

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maxka1 t1_j6aznsz wrote

Unless your house is in California we don’t have seasons it’s just brown all year


f_14 t1_j6dcigb wrote

LPT: hire a professional to take photos of your house when you sell it. 99% of buyers are going to look at your house online before buying, and if you have crappy pictures it’ll lower interest in your house.


VicSwagger t1_j6al470 wrote

Similarly, and this may be an ULPT, if you buy a new construction house, take pics (or keep pics from the realtor website) of it in it's virgin state. And when you have it furnished - in case you sell down the road, everything looks new.


One_Quilt1968 t1_j6au67k wrote

100% I used to sell real estate and did this with all the listings