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This has helped me greatly while job searching.

I send myself an email with the job title and company in the subject line. In the body, I include the complete job description. This way, if I am invited to interview, I can easily pull it up. This is useful as sometimes the postings can be taken down.

If applicable, I will also include what I input for salary so that I don't forget as it can differ depending on the job.

I keep all the emails in a folder labeled "Job applications" along with all of the automated application confirmation emails you get when applying for jobs. Super easy to search through all the emails, especially by company name or role description.

Good luck out there everyone!



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667mmsldonrmEKIP t1_j65ni7i wrote

I started being organized like that then gave up after application n°200, even had an excel spreadsheet


munkieshynes t1_j6773sa wrote

I saved off all my application data in a OneNote. It was crazy how many times I’d see the exact same job posting across multiple sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and through various and sundry headhunters.

Using OneNote let me search by keyword so if I saw a listing I could search jobs I’d already applied for and make sure not to apply a second (or third, or fourth) time.

At the time, I was also collecting unemployment so I had to submit information on all my contacts (applications, phone calls with prospective employers, interviews, follow-ups) so having it all in one place was extremely helpful. It took me about 3 months to land a new role and being organized about it certainly helped.


AcceptableBrains t1_j67cikg wrote

Great tip! You can also attach the resume and cover letter you used to apply to the email (assuming you customise both per application - which if you're not, you should be).

Personally I use a version of this to manage my own job applications and recommend dumping it all in your <cloud file storage solution of choice>. Each application gets a new folder (organised by year of application) with a copy of the PD (incl. salary, etc.), CV, and cover letter used to apply.

Makes it super easy to apply for similar jobs in the future too, just make a copy of the old application and update with different key words.


Tensor3 t1_j6768j5 wrote

Why an email? You never heard of word processors?


Sasspishus t1_j680kjv wrote

Yeah I just save mine into a folder on my laptop. That way they're easily accessible and I don't have to have Internet to look them up, or have to search through my emails to find them.


[deleted] t1_j677fot wrote



Tensor3 t1_j68hp1a wrote

Um, windows file browser sorts your files just fine. The search finds results within files. You can tag files. There are tons of free word/text processors.

I seriously can't fathom why you insist on hitting your nails with a screwdriver.


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chin06 t1_j684gjq wrote

Adding on to this:

Don't forget to keep your job postings from jobs you were hired for. They'll help when it comes to updating your resume as well as future interviews.


stanolshefski t1_j68abbv wrote

I keep a Google Sheet with tons of info date applied, URL, if I submitted a cover letter, resume version, published salary range, salary I gave, etc. I also make a PDF of the job ad.


DigitalSteven1 t1_j674vby wrote

It may be because I'm 19, but the only times I've applied for jobs have been through one or two websites.