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Ruhh-Rohh t1_j6mekvb wrote

A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind, my grandpa said.


Coffee_And_Bikes t1_j6n0406 wrote

Man, that's a great saying. Gonna remember that one. Actually, i won't, better write it down.


Coffee_And_Bikes t1_j6n05hd wrote

Man, that's a great saying. Gonna remember that one. Actually, I won't, better write it down.


okcboomer87 t1_j6n4hzk wrote

I couldn't remember anything I needed to do growing up. Now as an adult. I put anything I need to do in my calendar. I would be lost without it.


pixeequeen84 t1_j6mb8sq wrote

But in which of the 22 notebooks did I write it? And will I be able to decipher it later? I always have notebooks and pens around (we're stationary whores, good pens, nice notebooks), but for shit I need to remember, samsung notes on my phone. Good tip, just adding to write it down in a place you'll remember.


AllenRBrady t1_j6n37af wrote

It might not even matter if you remember where the note is. The simple act of writing things down has been demonstrated to improve your chance of remembering the content later. Research shows that adding a sensory component to information greatly improves the ability to recall that particular memory. Writing information down adds two sensory cues to the memory: visual and tactile.


MomentMurky9782 t1_j6nbhxj wrote

sticky notes! I have them everywhere, and it completely eliminated “what notebook did I use?” and turned into “where is that damn sticky note” lol, but it works!


tokeyoh t1_j6nbugl wrote

Definitely write detailed notes with context haha. I write jokes occassionally, and when I have a funny idea I'll put it in my phone. But then when it comes to write I have no idea what my notes mean


galaxygirl978 t1_j6ne0in wrote

I write songs and I use those colored tabs to keep track of them in my notebooks. it saves me a lot of flipping thru pages


bigby2010 t1_j6m6cb5 wrote

Yeah, no kidding. I have 3”x5” cards on my desk for this reason. Put a little circle next to the task, and tick it off when done.


killerklixx t1_j6m8gzc wrote

I used to do this with post-its, but the more post-its you have the less effective they are! Now I just keep an open notebook on my desk for brain dumps instead.


SynbiosVyse t1_j6mhpvx wrote

I despise post-its for this reason. They're a very inefficient way to maintain notes.

Most people probably don't use them correctly. Use them for ephemeral reminders on your keyboard or monitor and throw them away after a day.


nucumber t1_j6n5y0o wrote

i wrote stuff down on a legal pad. i rarely left my desk without it because i would often be stopped and asked for something (i was the data and reports guy on a floor with several hundred people)

i crossed stuff out when done or add a short note if it was a work in progress and i had taken an action or was waiting for someone

every few days i would transfer all the open items to a new page with the date at the top, prioritizing as i did so.

i may not have been the best and brightest data and reports person but i would have to be asked for something only once, while others with jobs similar to mine who didn't write stuff would have to be reminded again and again

now, there were some people who would ask for stuff without thinking it through, or really needing it. i would ask them to send me an email request, and asking them to put that little bit of work into making their request often ended it.


Mr_Zaroc t1_j6n7yjk wrote

I made and excel sheet with priorities I can sort after, really handy


Utterlybored t1_j6md8d4 wrote

Or take a picture of it w your phone.


AnybodySeeMyKeys t1_j6mvljy wrote

I do that a lot. Especially in airport parking decks so that I remember the level and area where I parked. Saves a lot of misery when you're returning home late after a long business trip.


real_bk3k t1_j6neccn wrote

While a picture may be enough, and I also take pictures of stuff to remember, I believe they have "where did I park?" apps that would be better.


zeke1220 t1_j6mq18c wrote

I'll be sure to remember this the next time I need to remember something.


icome3rd t1_j6mbeqd wrote

Everytime i think of something i tell siri to create a reminder.


illegal_brain t1_j6n8o97 wrote

I do the same but with Google. That's part of the reason I bought Google minis for the bathrooms and kitchen.


plausibleturtle t1_j6n8tzj wrote

I use google - it's also been a huge help to my anxiety. I'm setting aside space later to think, do or worry about something when I can take my time.

"Hey google, remind me in xyz hours/days/on Thursday to do ABC."



TheN1ght0w1 t1_j6mc5vy wrote

I swear i wrote it down on a post-it note somewhere! Now i only need to find it..


DeftTrack81 t1_j6mlofd wrote

Or use the magic rectangle in your hand. Mark it on your calendar, set an alarm and name it what you want to remember. So many options that don't require keeping up with tons of sticky notes.


[deleted] OP t1_j6mzv67 wrote

The magic rectangle!

I think you basically paraphrased what I wrote. I didn't say where to write it down.


DeftTrack81 t1_j6nhtmp wrote

Fair enough. My age is showing. When I see write it down my brain goes to pen and paper. Edit: word


thepenis_mightier t1_j6n3ui3 wrote

That's what I do. I'd be completely lost without my calendar.

If I was my current age before smartphones, I would be the person with the big planner book.


valdemiro t1_j6mug0c wrote

I've got to remember to write this Life Pro Tip down later.


AnybodySeeMyKeys t1_j6mveq8 wrote

I always keep a small notebook with me. I was a little self-conscious about it at first and thought it was goofy. But it's crazy how many things I remember simply because I take the time to write it down.


Materias t1_j6ny2j6 wrote

If you don't mind me asking, what kinds of things do you write down? I've thought of doing this before, but I always think it would seem out of place to pause mid conversation or whatever it is you are doing and write. I wouldn't think it's goofy as I'm someone who forgets a ridiculous amount of things that people tell me. I think it's a good idea, just curious on how I could implement it well.


AnybodySeeMyKeys t1_j6o9btm wrote

Aside from the obvious such as meeting notes, I keep a running To-Do list, crossing things off as I do them. I also am a writer, so random notes that I later type into documents and the what not.

There are just times when you can't whip out your phone and type things in. Plus, I believe that the physical act of writing tends to imprint things in your brain more readily


hongbronk t1_j6oe4gh wrote

I read somewhere that there is a more natural cadence with handwriting than any other form of taking notes. It seems to give ones thoughts a space to breath.


chapstikcrazy t1_j6n3tl6 wrote

If I don't write it down, it does not exist lol


ROADHOG_IS_MY_WAIFU t1_j6n6km8 wrote

If you're unable to write it down (e.g. you have a good idea while driving) say it out loud! You're more likely to remember something if you say it aloud. Obviously, writing it down is the best but this is a good alternative if needed.


SailboatAB t1_j6nzy1h wrote

I write down a lot of stuff. But I'm plagued by people asking me to recall it off the top of my head. I tell them "Just a moment, I have notes," and the invariable answer is, "Oh no, don't bother, just off the top of your head/whatever you remember."

The idiots never seem aware that I write things down specifically so that I don't have to carry them around in my head constantly.


keepthetips t1_j6m5roi wrote

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wildadragon t1_j6m74le wrote

Some things I'll never forget, I'll take it to my grave and beyond. However those are the things I'll never share with another human being.


mcshadypants t1_j6mc890 wrote

me missing gam-gams funeral

"now I know im forgetting something"


Empire2k5 t1_j6mgmst wrote

Doesn't work that way, I'll still forget


0x077777 t1_j6mvjin wrote

I had to write this LPT down


kjm16216 t1_j6n2ltx wrote

I would expand on this to say even if you are young and do tend to remember, there will come a day when you won't. Develop good habits now.


RamenHa1 t1_j6n2lzl wrote

As a standup comedian who is constantly thinking of new stuff to laugh at just from talking to myself. These are really words to live by


Vospader998 t1_j6n2nmi wrote

I've learned this lesson the hard way too may times. And continue to learn it all the time. Maybe I should write it down...


knowbodynows t1_j6n2uwr wrote

Or, stare at specific thing in your present view which you know that you will see later, such as your external doorknob, the shoes you will put on in the morning, your toothbrush, your gas cap, etc. Say, "when I see this again I will remember ______.’

It works.


mrparoxysms t1_j6n3pg5 wrote

On the flip side, when I'm giving someone directions and they're not writing it down, I begin to expect they will forget something of what I asked them to do. It typically pans out that way.


_Eklapse_ t1_j6n5zhr wrote

"dumb remember; smart write down"


AsashinDaka420 t1_j6n66pu wrote

Or just do what Sleeping with Sirens did and Do It Now; Remember It Later


Yogicabump t1_j6n67qi wrote

Also helpful: mnemonics


PlagueDoc22 t1_j6n6c7c wrote

I knew u should've written my name down as a 4 year old.

Now I'm 30 and just go by man man.


WarriorNN t1_j6n6hyw wrote

Just forget stuff, like a cool person. /s


Patiod t1_j6n86av wrote

I always tell young colleagues to keep a running list of the projects they worked on, disease category, clients, and notes on what they contributed or learned. Then, when they go to look for another job, they aren't rummaging through their memory for this information. Employers will ask for that, and it's nice to have right in front of you in a spreadsheet.


ComradeFausto t1_j6n86fi wrote

I don't remember it now, much less later.

I swear the worst part of getting older was going from having instant recollection to barely remembering my name most days.


anniecet t1_j6n8caw wrote

Of course I am not going to remember it until the middle of the night when I cannot do anything about it. So I will lay awake worrying about it, get up late and rush to work forgetting all about it.


sebadc t1_j6n8ckq wrote

You can even send it to yourself as a message via WhatsApp or Signal.


erikieperikie t1_j6n8klp wrote

Oh yes I will, because if I won't, it's not important enough to remember.

If otherwise, I'd have memory issues.


mariposa654 t1_j6n8r98 wrote

Ha! In WHICH notebook? And WHERE is that notebook? Notes on my phone? Which of the 430 should I look at?


tnsmaster t1_j6n8rl0 wrote

This is why I have 50 post-it notes on my work desk and another 50 on my personal desk, and I don't know what about 90% of them are trying to tell me...


NoBSforGma t1_j6n9lgl wrote

Oh, absolutely! We all have so many things swirling around our heads that when something comes up that you need to remember -- write it down! Stop whatever you are doing and WRITE IT DOWN. You will be glad later.


crispyLechon_qwq t1_j6n9pn6 wrote


I'll wait until 3 years when I inevitably see this image in my phone again


Sheila_Monarch t1_j6n9s3x wrote

LPT Addendum: You don’t even necessarily have to write it down. If you’re, say, driving, showering, or tucked in bed just about to fall asleep (the 3 big ones for me when these thoughts occur to me)….say “Siri make a note that Jennifer said she likes orchids instead of roses” or “Siri remind me at 3pm tomorrow to call Steve” or “Siri add coffee to my grocery list”. The latter requires you have a Reminder list named “Grocery”, but the others will happen automatically.

I believe Androids have the same function, I just don’t know the magic words for Android.


7Jers3y2 t1_j6n9sjp wrote

Where do I write this post down?


Skullerprop t1_j6n9tiy wrote

Where did I put my pencil? I should have write it down where I put it.


DukeFlipside t1_j6n9xqs wrote

I will absolutely remember it later - but whether that's in six hours, six weeks, six months, or six years is anyone's guess.


The_Real_Raw_Gary t1_j6na1i2 wrote

LPT: you will lose the paper you write it down on also


real_bk3k t1_j6nffow wrote

I write stuff down on my computer, which at least helps if I'm in front of it.

Otherwise, write down on paper, take a pic of your note with your phone, move picture to dedicated folder for notes (or individual folders for subjects).


The_Real_Raw_Gary t1_j6nizdv wrote

Sadly I’m not organized enough to follow through on this but hopefully one day I’ll get it together :)


Punisher41 t1_j6na7tb wrote

glances over to the 47 post-it notes on the wall nervously


Josh-Greene t1_j6naonc wrote

Best productivity tip ever. We think we will remember for sure, but just like that those golden ideas are gone! 😂


NegaJared t1_j6nb1wm wrote

#i will not remember the note later, remmeber it now


coder_karl t1_j6nb6ly wrote

Milk Eggs Butter Flour


YeltsinYerMouth t1_j6nbe2w wrote

Similarly, you won't remember to leave early to refuel your car; do it now.


kwxl t1_j6nbwlj wrote

If I get an idea or a thought I need to remember a little later I usually say (or sing) the thing out loud a couple of times, sometimes I stamp my foot or pinch myself or do some other physical thing at the same time. This somehow makes me remember it better.

Now try visualizing a tall, 48 year old bearded man stomping his foot and singing “buuuuuy butter” a couple of times….


GenXChefVeg t1_j6nctiv wrote

This is how I use Notes on my phone.


Ekublai t1_j6ndfhk wrote

Some things are worth forgetting


hknewt t1_j6ntw3r wrote

You don't even have to write it with a smart phone


chaot1c-n3utral t1_j6nvy1q wrote

Let me see if I will still remember it later to write down this LPT.


sc00bydoobyd00 t1_j6ohtod wrote

That's a great tip! I'll make sure to remember that.


RandomActsOfKidneys t1_j6mbx95 wrote

I do. I have 48 notes in my notes folder.

Except I forget they're there until I make another note to not forget the new idea/thing I have to do.


Bemxuu t1_j6mzqj7 wrote

"The dullest pencil remembers better than sharpest memory".


BiggieBitcoin t1_j6n4g38 wrote

Pencils don't form memories! ... Let's stick with the original ;)


hongbronk t1_j6oetyy wrote

There is a saying... "The axe forgets, but the tree remembers". Wooden pencils come from trees. Therefore, the pencil remembers. Checkmate, Broheim. /s


Bemxuu t1_j6n53lz wrote

Literally had no idea there was the same saying in English, lol


JGSolorzano t1_j6msf7k wrote

This is dumb, I remember stuff just fine


[deleted] OP t1_j6n00gu wrote

You couldn't remember to put a period at the end of that sentence.