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HogfishMaximus t1_j5v3zzd wrote

Ok, likely a stupid questions: They all seem to have cold water only. Spraying my ass with cold water does not seem fun. Once you ate clean, what do you typically do to dry your butt? Seems to me your entire ass will be wet. I’ve been interested in them, but not really understood exactly how to use one. I’ve been traveling in Spain the last few weeks. I’ve seen them in every hostel and hotel I’ve been in.


humble_oppossum t1_j5v4hjd wrote

Just buy a cheap one and go for it. The stream aims pretty well so your whole ass isn't wet. All you really need to do is take a small amount of toilet paper to dry your taint and bunghole. The warm ones would be nicer but mine are hooked to the cold water and even my wife says it's a game changer


twohedwlf t1_j5v75ph wrote

Good ones heat the water. It's nice and warm. And it doesn't wet your whole ass, just your ass hole.


Amikoj t1_j5v5x1c wrote

Mine electrically heats the water to a pre-selected temperature.

It has a fan to dry you off after, but in a hurry you could use two or three squares of TP. The cheeks don't get wet.


CapeForHire t1_j5vhzng wrote

> Spraying my ass with cold water does not seem fun

I had the same concerns, but somehow this isn't an issue at all. At least for me. It never feels cold


JoeMarconi t1_j5vg47r wrote

The cold water on your ass is not so bad. You'll get used to it. Buy hand towels to dry off, or use your regular towels.


burn-it-all- t1_j5uzph7 wrote

I want one, but I can't get past how 'medicinal' they look - like they should be on someone's 80 year old grandmothers toilet.

I need to look around. Maybe the design has improved since the last time I checked them out.


docsuess84 t1_j5v48ma wrote

Stand-alone bidets are also a thing if you have space in your bathroom. My grandparents had one growing up that sat right beside the toilet in their master bathroom. It was ornate looking and glorious.


Baph0metX t1_j5v0svp wrote

Do they work with all standard toilets? Do you just attach them to the bowl or something? Can you make the water warm? Lol


KaneinEncanto t1_j5v1ua7 wrote

I've seen ones on amazon that are easy to install. Remove current seat, slide into the same bolts as the seat was and replace seat. Then just attach the water line and you're up and running. Ones that include water temp options might be a bit more complicated, if they need power or something. But it's not as if you have to get a whole new toilet anymore either.


Amikoj t1_j5v597a wrote

Yes, yes, and yes!

It's just changing out a toilet seat plus a hose that splices into the toilets water line.

Ours also has a power cord because the seat and water are both heated.


Baph0metX t1_j5v5q02 wrote

That sounds amazing, I just would worry about being cold since I always am in the mornings lol is it difficult to connect the water ? Was it expensive for the heated one


Amikoj t1_j5v6uoe wrote

Ours was over $200 but it has a lot more features than just the heat - remote control, oscillating spray, different profiles for different users, heated drying, light effects, etc

Connecting the water was not difficult - The bidet came with a T-adapter that connected between the existing toilet water hose and the toilet.


Baph0metX t1_j5v83s1 wrote

Thank you for the info, sounds like I have some research to do lol


Rob_AMG t1_j5v0zd4 wrote

I'll never live in a place without one ever again. Been 3+ years running and the hardest part is traveling without it.

It's nice not having to sit on a cold seat too.


kewlguy1 t1_j5v4cs4 wrote

I bought one that you can install on your existing toilet, and I completely agree with the original poster on this thread. We bought it when there was a toilet paper shortage at the beginning of the pandemic.


WattaTravisT t1_j5vg3wc wrote

I vote that people with a bidet and regularly take meta-mucil should be the new "elite."


keepthetips t1_j5ux2qe wrote

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leigh094 t1_j5v2cxt wrote

I want one! But then I get overwhelmed with the options and installing it. I just don’t believe it can be comfortable to use without warming the water as well.


humble_oppossum t1_j5v40lk wrote

I don't warm the water and live in a cold climate, just get one of the cheap ones and try it. Granted, the warm ones would be better, but I'll be damned if these things don't get the job done better. Even my wife asked me to install one in the second bathroom after she stopped laughing at me and tried it


ShwiftyJedi t1_j5v2f1s wrote

im house sitting for my dad right now and its been hell without my bidet.


Bmc00 t1_j5v3ld6 wrote

/r/bidets agrees! Life changing.


browster t1_j5v4md7 wrote

It's astonishing that this isn't a standard fixture everywhere. Just get one and install it on your toilet. More expensive ones are available that plug into power and heat the water (and the seat).


Charlietango2007 t1_j5v67bh wrote

I have one here, it's electric and has all the bells and whistles. Heated seat and water option, reg wash, turbo wash (for when feeling constipated), fem wash, child wash, even has a blowdryer, nightlight, Fabulous, I barely use any toilet paper if at all.


Amikoj t1_j5v72i1 wrote

Additional LPT: You don't have to poop in order to use the bidet.

You wash your face in the morning, why not your asshole?


[deleted] OP t1_j5viali wrote

Addendum; buy a bidet, AND a squatty potty or something comparable. It’s life changing.