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Baph0metX t1_j5v0svp wrote

Do they work with all standard toilets? Do you just attach them to the bowl or something? Can you make the water warm? Lol


KaneinEncanto t1_j5v1ua7 wrote

I've seen ones on amazon that are easy to install. Remove current seat, slide into the same bolts as the seat was and replace seat. Then just attach the water line and you're up and running. Ones that include water temp options might be a bit more complicated, if they need power or something. But it's not as if you have to get a whole new toilet anymore either.


Amikoj t1_j5v597a wrote

Yes, yes, and yes!

It's just changing out a toilet seat plus a hose that splices into the toilets water line.

Ours also has a power cord because the seat and water are both heated.


Baph0metX t1_j5v5q02 wrote

That sounds amazing, I just would worry about being cold since I always am in the mornings lol is it difficult to connect the water ? Was it expensive for the heated one


Amikoj t1_j5v6uoe wrote

Ours was over $200 but it has a lot more features than just the heat - remote control, oscillating spray, different profiles for different users, heated drying, light effects, etc

Connecting the water was not difficult - The bidet came with a T-adapter that connected between the existing toilet water hose and the toilet.


Baph0metX t1_j5v83s1 wrote

Thank you for the info, sounds like I have some research to do lol