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noonewonone t1_j91y5qb wrote

I have a feeling you’ve never seen a women finish, in any sense.


Stephb870 t1_j91wmbw wrote

Why do you assume she won’t finish her meal?


Sparred4Life t1_j91wuiu wrote

Lol rookie date move. Make the date all about trying new things, get things with the intention to share. Goal accomplished and they will have fun. Step the game up man. She's gonna see right through this and you'll be lucky for a call back.


tubesweaterguru t1_j92234q wrote

Inevitably doesn’t finish?

Bruh, I’ll get apps and dessert too, and probably still want to stop for a snack on the way home.


bdbdbokbuck t1_j91z8kc wrote

To be clear, it isn’t about the food, it’s about the girl. Remember: girl first, food second.


danidandeliger t1_j938pd6 wrote

LPT for everyone: Don't go on dates with OP. He's an asshole.


Bridge4_Kal t1_j91z5kn wrote

This GREATLY (and I can't stress how strongly I mean "greatly") depends on your stage of the relationship. For instance, it's date night and you've been dating 1 year, not terrible. First or second date, however, and displaying this kind of behavior? You're done. Might as well not even finish the date. You're done right there.


theyarnllama t1_j93oavp wrote

This would totally have worked with my last boyfriend and me. I never finish my meal, and I am bad about not eating leftovers but he is. But we were together for three years. This is not good for early in the relationship though, to yoink your girl’s takeout box.


Tr4c3gaming t1_j91vswd wrote

Generally I always decide with anyone im there what to get so we can try and share stuff.

For instance i know i never manage to finish my fries so i Never will get any...or we just get one portion of fries which is usually enough for the whole group...because surely none of us will take cold fries that get rather soggy home..not like you can properly reheat those.. just order less and share lmao.

I feel like this communication with friends, family and partners is quite normal especially with stuff getting just more and more expensive

Here in germany you even get the option to get a "bandit plate" in many restaurants especially for this purpose so one person can just choose to take food from others plates and share...they just give you an empty plate so you can share.

Like legit i sometimes choose to get this because my meds supress my appetite a bunch so im usually fine with taking a bit from everyone. Saves everyone money and hassle lmao...and everyone usually leaves a bunch anyway because holy hell restaurants sometimes overfill plates and stuff is just so filling.

Communication. It isn't like you need to nudge people anywhere. You can just communicate...


Sparred4Life t1_j91xba2 wrote

Hehe me and my friends would all get the bandit plate and then sit around for 20 minutes staring each other down on who would actually order something first.


DueOutside5330 t1_j930h4y wrote

Get an air fryer, reheats everything amazingly! Also veggies are delicious from the air fryer. 😋


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_j928fg4 wrote

Maybe a better way of saying the same thing is that dinner companions should think of the table's order as a whole, since you often share a taste of what you got.

I've certainly said to my wife, "if you get X, I'll get Y, and we can trade". And I certainly eat more than she does. But this is in the context of us each eating as much as we care to.


Perfectly-Not-Wrong t1_j92en26 wrote

Tips to make your life pathetic. But this sub is about something else - To improve your life.


Sauerteig t1_j92t9x9 wrote

That's a good way to show you care more about yourself and what you can get out of circumstances than you do about your date.


predictingzepast t1_j91xocs wrote

Are you suuuure you don't want that blonde waitress?..


tranchiturn t1_j92cqvr wrote

for girls, tell your guy what to get. then you get 15% of two meals you like.


incasesheisonheretoo t1_j92fm7c wrote

My gf and I do this for each other. We each order something that we think we both may like and sample from each other’s plates. It helps us try new things because we don’t have to worry about one of us being stuck with something we don’t like.


BouncyDingo_7112 t1_j92ywx3 wrote

Right. And that’s cool because you guys are open about it. But this guy wants to sneakily manipulate the girl into getting something he wants so he can finish it off instead of literally just having a simple conversation. Someone who would think this is funny to do on dates has got to be somewhere on the narcissistic spectrum.


jocall56 t1_j934sv4 wrote

More like the wife is nudging me to get her 2nd choice so she can also take bites of mine…


StarLiftr t1_j937zl8 wrote

Wait a minute; that’s what my girl does to me!


Madein_Debauchery t1_j93sd2h wrote

Hahaha bold of you to assume I won’t finish mine… and come for yours.


Ryechip105 t1_j94ezg3 wrote

Yeah that’ll definitely make her not finish


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